There Are Times To Say No, And Times To Say Yes


Say no to anyone who makes you question your own sense of worth.
Say no when someone puts their hands on your body without permission.
Say no to thigh gaps.
Say no to being someone’s option or someone’s second choice.
Say no to letting anyone make you feel like you aren’t “enough.”
Say no to a job that feels wrong for you, even if it’s glamorous on the outside.
Say no to body shaming.
Say no to anyone who objectifies or belittles you.
Say no to anyone who only wants your body.
Say no to diets.
Say no to seeking perfection.
Say no to being put on the spot when you don’t feel comfortable speaking.
Say no to judging your worth based on your body.
Say no to the guy offering you the shot at the bar when you know you don’t want any more.

Say no to bad body days.
Say no to being used.
Say no to settling for a job that makes you dread Mondays.
Say no to making plans when you know you need a night to yourself.
Say no to guilt or shame about the past.
Say no to getting back together with your ex when you know it will end poorly.
Say no to other people’s expectations of you.
Say no to friendships that are bringing you down.
Say no to any relationship that leaves you feeling lonely or unworthy.
Say no to being “chill” when you have feelings for someone.

Say no to hiding your feelings.

Say no to anything that makes you question your own moral values.
Say no to changing yourself to fit in.
Say no to calorie counting.
Say no to jealousy and envy.
So no to anyone who disrupts your sense of peace.
Say no any toxic relationship, no matter what the circumstances are.
Say no to bringing other people down to lift yourself up.
Say no to other people bringing you down to try to lift themselves up.
Say no to anyone who tries to violate your own personal boundaries.

Say no to being silent in times that matter.

Say no to being scared of your own power and of your own voice.
Say no to seeking validation through other people.
Say no to comparisons.
Say no to scales.
Say no to your depression.
Say no to feeling like you always have to be busy.
Say no to loving someone if loving them means hurting yourself.
Say no to living a mediocre life.

Say yes to saying no.
Say yes to imperfection.
Say yes to standing up for yourself even if you stand alone.
Say yes to taking chances when the only obstacle you are facing is fear.
Say yes to taking care of yourself.
Say yes to putting your heart on the line when you care about someone.
Say yes to fighting for your fairytale.
Say yes to learning how to love yourself.
Say yes to listening to your own heart, even when all you hear is a whisper.
Say yes to new experiences, even the ones that are out of your comfort zone.

Say yes to trying again, even after you’ve crashed and burned.

Say yes to dessert.
Say yes when someone unexpected asks you on a first date.
Say yes to telling people how you feel.
Say yes to listening to your intuition.
Say yes to feeling beautiful.
Say yes to changing directions when life throws you a curveball.
Say yes to making the first move.

Say yes to forgiving others.
Say yes to forgiving yourself.

Say yes to spontaneity and exciting adventures.
Say yes to curiosity.
Say yes to knowing that even in the darkest times, you are worthy and valuable.
Say yes to being honest and sharing your relationship insecurities.
Say yes to love, even when it comes to you in an untraditional way.
Say yes to being vulnerable and wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Say yes to deep conversations and late night phone calls.
Say yes to asking for help when you need it.
Say yes to blind dates and random set ups, even if you don’t think they will go anywhere. Say yes to an uncertain future.
Say yes to ordering take out and watching Legally Blonde alone on a Friday night.

Say yes to change, even if it terrifies you.

Say yes to respecting your body.
Say yes to red lipstick and little black dresses.
Say yes to experiencing every single emotion that passes through you.
Say yes to body acceptance.
Say yes to summer concerts, Strawberritas, and cowgirl boots.
Say yes to authenticity.
Say yes to Shania Twain karaoke nights and feeling free.
Say yes to moving on.
Say yes to a job interview for a job that feels out of your reach.
Say yes to patiently waiting when you know that you deserve more.
Say yes to taking a mental health day when you need it.
Say yes to asking for what you need in life.
Say yes to feeling worthy and loved.
Say yes to anything and everything that makes you feel glad to be alive.