12 Essential Haircare Tips For Anyone Who’s Decided To See If Blondes Really Have More Fun


They say that blondes have more fun. If this is true, it is not surprising why a lot of people wish they have blonde hair. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people resort to coloring their hair blonde – sometimes even just to be able to try the look.

Once you have decided to go blonde, a trip to your hair stylist is not the only thing you will have to do. Undergoing this drastic hair transformation also involves high maintenance to keep your golden locks vibrant.

For starters, making sure that your hair is at its healthiest will help a lot when it comes to how well your coloring job will go. If you want optimal results, your hair should be well-moisturized and nourished before you color it blonde.

Once your hair has been colored blonde, you will have to care for it so that it lasts looking healthy and vibrant. There are three major things to consider when caring for your newly blonde hair: hydration, sun protection, and color vibrancy. Keep in mind these few tips to stay beautifully blonde:

1. Hydrate your hair deeply and regularly. Use color-safe products, particularly your shampoo and conditioner. You may also consider using leave-in conditioners and hair oils for that extra moisture all day long, keeping your hair soft even after a bath or a shower.

2. Schedule regular trims. You will need to visit your stylist regularly if you want to maintain your blonde hair. Colored hair becomes dry hair which is then prone to breakage. Get rid of those split ends with frequent trims. While in the salon, you may also want to go for other treatment your stylist recommends.

3. Undergo gloss treatment. A gloss treatment in the salon will go a long way for that extra shine and moisture your hair needs.

4. Use products with heat protection and UV filters. Heat can be extremely damaging to hair, especially to colored hair. There are heat protection and UV filter products designed to protect your hair from the strong and harmful rays of the sun, especially if you are usually outside. Just spray or apply the product before you step out.

5. Use hats and scarves. Just like how you would protect your skin from the sun, do the same for your hair! Hats and scarves are great for that extra sun protection with a stylish impact.

6. Use swimming caps. The chlorine in swimming pools may react to your new blonde hair, turning it an unsightly, unwanted shade of green. Although avoiding swimming pools is the best way to care for your blonde-colored hair, swimming and having fun in the water might not be worth giving up for blonde fun. If you cannot avoid going into a swimming pool, make sure to wear a swimming cap to protect your blonde mane.

7. Wet your hair with filtered water before plunging into the pool. If you do not have any swim cap, make sure to wet your hair with filtered water first. Once your hair is already wet with filtered water, it will serve as some sort of barrier between your hair strands and the chlorinated pool water.

8. Invest in a filter for your showerhead. Water from the shower and faucets of your home often includes very small materials that are not good for your colored hair. Put a filter on your showerhead to trap these unwanted minerals, such as copper and chlorine, which could change the color of your hair.

9. Use clarifying shampoo. If your hair suffers a color change due to minerals found in pools and hard water at home, shift to a clarifying shampoo.

10. Avoid using heating tools for styling. Again, whether colored or not, heat can cause damage to your hair, but it can be even more damaging for colored hair. Avoid hair dryers, hair irons, curling irons, and the like, to style your newly blonde hair as it may do more harm than good. But if you must, use in moderation and in a much cooler setting.

11. Wash your hair less frequently. There is no need to wash and shampoo your hair everyday. Not only for the color to last longer, but more so for the strands to recover the natural oils.

12. Alternate use of color-appropriate shampoo with toning shampoo. You can try out Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, a purple shampoo which helps eliminate unwanted yellow tones from the hair, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. You can never go wrong with the world’s number one best toning shampoo for blondes.

Keep in mind that changing the color of your hair goes beyond leaving the salon. It will be a big change in your hair maintenance routine. After all the trouble of coloring your hair blonde, it is good to invest money and time to maintain not only your new hair color but also the overall health of your hair. And you know what? It would be worth it!