12 Men Joss Whedon Made Me Find Attractive


1. Nicholas Brendan

Who didn’t crush on Xander Harris when Buffy first started? He’s the ultimate “nice guy” male best friend who just wants to help out the super-people. I feel like you were either a Xander girl or an Angel girl (or guy!) during those first few seasons and I was definitely all Xander. When Anya finally came around and wanted to jump his bones, I was like, “For real. Finally.”

2. Fran Kranz

Fran Kranz is the current love of my Whedon life. The Cabin in the Woods was my favorite movie of 2012, no shame, and Fran Kranz stole that whole movie as the stoner and only reasonable person in the cabin. Then, I went back and finally watched Dollhouse so I could get more of him. He is fantastic and adorable. Fran Kranz, be my best friend!

3. Nathan Fillion

Not a huge fan of Mal or Captain Hammer, but damn it, if Nathan Fillion isn’t the textbook definition of handsome. He graduated with honors from the Jon Hamm School of Handsome. I don’t watch Castle so I’m assuming it’s just like, an hour of Nathan Fillion being all, “I’m handsome!” and then some stuff happens?

4. Anthony Stewart Head

As I’ve said a zillion times, you start out crushing on Xander and then you mature and begin crushing on Giles. This stuffy librarian launched a thousand daddy-issues ships into the night. Love you, Giles.

5. James Marsters

Oh Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike. Will James Marsters ever be anything but Spike to everyone forever? It’s not such a bad thing to be typecast as, but sorry, nope, you will always be Spike. Reluctantly attractive, dark, twisted Spike. Why did we love him again? Oh, right. We are all messed the eff up.

6. Alan Tudyk

Grant me three wishes and one of them will be for Alan Tudyk to be more famous than he is. He certainly deserves it. From our beloved Wash to the wacked out Alpha, he’s been pretty consistently fantastic. He might be my #2 all-time Joss Whedon-verse crush. What a cutie pie.

7. Adam Baldwin

LL Cool J: Ladies love cool Jayne Cobb. He’s gruff but tender. A straight shooter. A mercenary with a heart of gold. Adam Baldwin can also rock a goatee and knit cap like nobody’s business.

8. Alexis Denishof

Even as the buttoned-up Wesley, a man named Alexis is still majorly attractive. In real life, he’s married to awesome lady Alyson Hannigan but in fantasy, he’s super smart, super tragic Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. If you don’t love him, you are wrong.

9. David Boreanaz

I never personally found him all that alluring but I guess mysterious vibes are sexy. Plus, he is undeniably a handsome fellow. I actually first started thinking so when Buffy spun off into Angel and we got to see more of Boreanaz at work. None the less, he’s an original Whedon hottie.

10. Sean Maher

Played by a young Zac Efron in flashbacks, it seems Simon Tam has always been adorable. Whether he’s obsessively caring for his sister, uncomfortably flirting with Kaylee or being a doctor in space, he’s a gentle soul and a sweetheart. Bonus: Sean Maher is gay in real life so…have at him, gentlemen!

11. J. August Richards

Every character on Angel was pretty tragic, but man, Gunn had a sad romantic storyline and all around tough life. I mean, Fred! Wah! Why do you hate love, Joss Whedon? Why?

12. Enver Gjokaj

When you’re hired to play a man who is programmed specifically for being good looking, you know you’re a handsome devil. As Victor on Dollhouse, Enver Gjokaj has to play not only an empty vessel but also several different characters with different mannerisms and accents. It’s really impressive. Okay and he’s hot as hell.

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