12 Reasons We Should Thank Our Roommates Every Day


We’re used to living in tight quarters with the ones who deal with our moods—good or bad. The perks of living with your close friends means you have a built in support system and people who aren’t going to sugarcoat the tough stuff. We forget just how much they do for us when we’re caught up in our own busy schedules, but it’s important to remember how grateful we are.

1. You’re running late to a meeting and your roommates text you to tell you they picked up Dunkin for you—and they made it exactly how you like it because they remember how you take your coffee.

2. You’ve forgotten what’s on your to-do list and you casually ask out loud what you’ve got due tomorrow. Your roommates usually alert you that you’ve got a paper due and an exam the next day.

3. You say your pants are getting tight and your roommates respond, “Maybe your butt is getting bigger. But in a ‘squat way.’”

4. If you start crying at three in the morning, your roommates don’t just comfort you, they cry with you.

5. Your feelings are always validated. If you’re still angry about a time last semester when someone cut in front of you in the line in the cafeteria, your roommates remember the specific incident and remind you it’s okay to be angry. In fact, they’re still angry for you.

6. Roommates mean you’ve got a ragtag clan of “up for anything” friends who will drive to get milkshakes at midnight.

7. You don’t have to justify why you’re still sad about the time you lost the spelling bee in third grade because your teacher accused you of cheating. Your roommates know it was a personal attack toward you, and they allow you to stay bitter.

8. If you’re happy, your roommates will celebrate your successes. You’ve got a built-in cheerleading squad living with you.

9. You’re hungry at 11pm? Your roommates will agree it’s a good idea to get a pizza, Buffalo wings, and Insomnia Cookies all at once. They don’t let you feel guilty because they’ll eat with you.

10. You’re forced to challenge your own beliefs. Your ways of living and studying and communicating are not the only ways—your roommates remind you about all the differences. Because of them, you face those differences and learn to respect them.

11. They let you know when you’re wrong because they’re not afraid of damaging a friendship—your relationship is strong enough to face confrontations when there are disagreements. You know any criticism comes from their hearts.

12. But most importantly, they tell you when you’re right. Your roommates remind you of your own worth by letting you know how much they care.

Have you thanked your roommates today?