MAKE IT STOP: Social Media Passive Aggression


What do you use social media for?

Is it to post pictures of your loved ones?  Share the latest updates in your life?  Incessantly pimp out your blog posts (oh, just me? okay.)?  To lurk in the cyber-shadows and observe everyone else?

Or, do you use it to passive aggressively bitch about everything and everyone in sight?

Ah, Social Media Passive Aggression.  EVERYONE does it.  We’re a nation of impatient, annoyed, touchy and whiny babies and we all have an insatiable urge to let everyone know about it.

And complaining/venting is all well and good, but what if you’re incessantly taking to the interweb to post not-so-secret hateful statuses, comments, quotes and/or memes to someone in particular… without actually calling them out?  Well, then methinks you have a problem and you need to either:

A. Resolve it.


B. Shut the f&%k up about it.

Collectively, we need to put a stop to social media passive aggression, sub-tweeting (yep, it’s a thing…look it up) and the myriad of ways ya’ll are slingin’ mud at the people who piss you off in life.  

Now, I know we’ve all done it to an extent, and the thing is: it doesn’t actually help.  If I’m pissed at someone for being a jerkoff and post some quote on Instagram about people being jerkoffs, is that supposed to make me feel better?  HA!  GOT EM!  They’ll stop annoying me now!  

If I’m irritated or hurt by a friend or family member should I keep posting subliminal messages at them instead of having an adult conversation and working it out?

No.  Doesn’t work.  

Like I said, we’ve all done it (ACT LIKE YA DON’T), but when you see repeat offenders doing this over and over again, I hover over the ‘unfollow’ button and decide I don’t need their silly little games in my (social media) life.

NEWS FLASH: if you keep posting the same passive aggressive posts over and over again?  Perhaps the problem…is you.

What kind of passive aggressive things do you see online?  Lemme know in the comments!  

[By the way, I’m fully aware that an article about people who are passive aggressive is somewhat passive aggressive, but I don’t care.]