12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Too Shitty For Your Soft Heart


1. When you go out of your way for him, you barely get a thank you. He doesn’t seem to appreciate all of the sweet things you do for him. He doesn’t even seem to notice. He takes your kindness for granted.

2. The relationship is one-sided. You are the one initiating conversations and kisses and cuddles and date nights. The only thing he initiates is sex.

3. He lies through his teeth because he knows how much you trust him. He knows you see the good in people. He knows you will believe him if he makes up stories about where he has been and what he’s been doing, so he lies all the time to keep himself out of trouble.

4. He takes advantage of your generosity. He knows you’re going to say yes if he asks you for a favor. He knows he can peer pressure you and manipulate you into doing what he wants because all you care about is making him happy. He uses your niceness against you.

5. He encourages you to keep your feelings locked inside. When you come to him with something important to discuss, he doesn’t want to hear it. He will call you overemotional. He will call you dramatic. He will accuse you of overreacting in order to invalidate your feelings.

6. He disrespects you because he knows you won’t call him out on it. He knows he can get away with canceling plans and waiting hours between texts because you are too polite to ask him what the hell he’s thinking. He knows he can get away with murder so he never thinks twice about screwing you over.

7. He views your positive qualities as negative. He gets annoyed by how you’re too nice. He wishes that you were more ruthless. More blunt. More like him.

8. He takes without giving anything in return. He will accept your compliments. Your favors. The food you pick up for him on the way over to the house. But he will never go out of his way to spoil you unless you specifically ask for something from him.

9. He makes you feel stupid for getting sentimental. When you talk about your future wedding or gush about your first date, he rolls his eyes. He doesn’t want to hear it. He is the opposite of romantic.

10. He places himself first. Even though you have made him a priority, you are still a second choice in his mind. He has always cared about himself more than he’s cared about you.

11. He is controlling, even though you give him complete freedom. He goes out with his friends and comes home late, but he expects you to ask for permission when you want to see your friends. It’s the same with texting. He’s allowed to talk to whoever he wants, but he tries to monitor whether other boys pop up on your phone.

12. He is not actually your boyfriend. He isn’t interested in putting a label on your relationship. He knows how strongly you feel about him and keeps you around anyway because he doesn’t care about the possibility of hurting you. He only cares about himself.