This Is What Riverdale Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries: Cheryl Blossom

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I mean, obviously if you’re an Aries you’re Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl has literally no fucking chill, might actually be insane, and is also the best. She’s confident and determined. She’s also aggressive AF and impulsive. She lives for chaos and isn’t afraid to go for what she wants.

Taurus: Veronica Lodge

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Veronica Lodge: former mean girl determined to get it right this time around at Riverdale High. Veronica is headstrong, really loves her Hermes bag, and is just a little bit stubborn. She will do anything for the people she loves and will get the job done, even if it means going “full dark, no stars.”

Gemini: Alice Cooper

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Alice Cooper: Former member of the Southside Serpents turned Suburban Snake (lol, I tried, ok). You never know what you’re gonna get with her and she’s definitely a little sneaky. She’s charming but often extremely judgmental. She’s resourceful in her reporting, and will always get the dirt she wants, no matter the cost.

Cancer: Archie Andrews

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Oh, Archie. Hopeless romantic and good guy with a heart of gold. He has big dreams and would do anything for his friends and family. He’s a water sign, meaning he’s guided by emotion and his heart, which sometimes will get him into trouble, a.k.a. starting a vigilante group called The Red Circle and planning on hunting down The Black Hood himself. You know, the usual.

Leo: Josie McCoy

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Leos know their worth and Josie McCoy is no different. Lead singer of Josie And The Pussycats, her band name should tell you everything: she comes first always. She’s courageous with her lyrics and her voice, but she can be a little bit uncompromising. I mean, remember when Val wanted to sing with Archie? She’s definitely kind though and is loyal to everyone in her inner circle.

Virgo: Betty Cooper

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Betty Cooper loves to micromanage her life and it always blows up in her face.  Betty’s love language is definitely Excel spreadsheets and her soul is more uptight than her ponytail. She’s also incredibly resourceful, helpful, and works her ass off. She always tries to do the right thing, even if it gets her in a little trouble.

Libra: Pop Tate

Pop Tate is definitely Riverdale’s resident Libra. Lovable and fair, Pop Tate loves to bring Riverdale together in the form of a damn good burger, milkshake, and french fries. He’s probably the only sane person in Riverdale, tbh, and his sincere love for his diner and town always shines through.

Scorpio: Hiram Lodge

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Hiram is a walking enigma and no one ever knows what the hell he’s up to. Intense, secretive, and a little manipulative, Hiram Lodge makes his own luck with the help of money, charm, and shady business deals, much like yourself.

Sagittarius: Kevin Keller

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Kevin Keller is full of witty one-liners and always lightens the mood. He’s energetic, enthusiastic, and doesn’t like taking things too seriously. He can be a little reckless but that is just the Sagittarius way. He’s outspoken and honest and you’ll always know what he feels about literally anyone and anything.

Capricorn: Hermione lodge

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Hermione Lodge has the ultimate Capricorn work ethic, as she works hella hard at keeping up appearances of good, all while conspiring with husband Hiram. She is devoted to her family and keeps them close. She is a tad materialistic, but that’s only because she wants and deserves the very best.

Aquarius: Fred andrews

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Fred Andrews, a.k.a Archie’s dad, is as humanitarian as they come. He even took in Jughead while FP was going through the whole getting accused of murder thing and what not. He’s open-minded and tries to be as fair and communicative with teenage son Archie as possible. He always is striving to do the right thing, even if it bites him in the ass in the end.

Pisces: Jughead jones

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And last, but not least, Pisces. And who fits a Pisces more than Jughead Jones? Jughead is imaginative and creative, always working on his next writing project. He’s a tad self-destructive since he joined a gang and everything but he’s doing his best. He’s wise and a loyal friend and also Cole Sprouse is really hot.