13 Reasons Why Student Athletes Make The Absolute Best Employees


Everyone always writes about how student athletes make the best employees, and they’re right. Who doesn’t want to hire someone who’s dedicated, hard working and always hungry for more? Student athletes are used to being pushed to their breaking points and then some, but we’ve learned to master the look of having our shit together. Athletics help prepare us for the future like nothing else.

1. We’re used to doing things we hate. But we still have to do it anyways, so we’ve become pretty good at faking it until we make it.

2. We’re used to not getting out on time. Most of the time we don’t even wonder why our coaches give us an end time for practice because we always go over. We’ve already got the overtime thing down pat.

3. We are good at adding and subtracting small numbers. When we’re winning (or losing, usually) we add and subtract goals every time someone scores to see how many more we need to catch up. So you can save it for the next average Joe that walks in.

4. We are used to getting yelled at for shit we didn’t do. Because if anyone does something they aren’t supposed to, everyone’s on the receiving end of the punishment.

5. We are used to hearing we did things wrong. Over and over and over. By this point it doesn’t even phase us anymore, but don’t worry we’re still listening to your criticism.

6. We are used to following a schedule someone else made for us. Even if we don’t like it, we know we really don’t have any option other than to do follow it. So have no fear, we will always cancel our other plans to be there for your schedule.

7. We’re always early. Like if you’re not at least 15 minutes early, you’re late. We know being *~punctual~* is super important.

8. We don’t take days off. We’re lucky if we get one off day a week, so we’ll always be super stoked if you give us two days off in a row. We might even get down and praise you.

9. We’re used to being thrown into different positions. It doesn’t matter if we’re supposed to play one position, we’re used to being put all over the place and still expected to perform well. We can pretty much figure out a way to do everything.

10. We’re used to always missing out on fun. When everyone else is out going to concerts, day drinking and planning fun activities we’re usually missing out anyways due to practice. “Sorry, I can’t I have practice” will turn into “sorry, I can’t I have work.” See, we’ve already got it down!

11. Outside matters don’t affect us at all. We’ve got so used to disregarding our own personal matters to put practice first, that problems don’t affect our performance at all anymore. We’re always on our A game.

12. We’re used to busting our asses off with out acknowledgement. So we won’t be shoved up your ass fishing for compliments. In other words, we don’t need your recognition to work hard.

13. You’ll never hear us complain. Seriously. We’re so used to keeping our comments to ourselves, or at least till we’re in the comfort of our own homes so you’ll never hear us complain in front of you. We’ve mastered keeping things on the down low.