13 Signs You Are Stuck In An Almost Relationship


1. You are not sure what your relationship status is. Is he your boyfriend? A fuck buddy? A friend? You can’t pick between one or the other. He is kind of a combination of all of those things.

2. His actions never match his words. He tells you how much he misses you — but he doesn’t spend all that much time with you. He tells you how much he likes you — but he doesn’t prove it by asking you out on an official date. He talks a big game, but never follows through.

3. He goes back and forth with his actions. One day, he’ll blow up your phone with messages. The next day, he won’t even bother to reply to your texts. His mixed signals can get out of control.

4. He still flirts with other people. Even though he acts like your boyfriend when you are alone together, he acts like he’s single when you aren’t around. He’s always posting pictures with other girls and leaving flirtatious comments on their pages.

5. He makes BS excuses for why you aren’t together. He says that he is not ready for a real relationship or that the timing isn’t right or that he is still heartbroken over his ex. He acts like it’s not his fault that things aren’t working out between you.

6. You have been intimate — but it hasn’t led anywhere. He has held your hand. Kissed your lips. Maybe even slept with you. But for some reason, he still hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend.

7. He never talks about the future. If you try to talk about where the relationship is going, he will redirect the conversation. He never makes plans with you for a month later, let alone years down the line. He prefers to live in the moment with you.

8. His family knows nothing about you. He might have invited you to hang out with his friends before — but he has never taken you home for dinner with his parents. He hasn’t even mentioned your name to them.

9. He leaves you waiting. Sometimes, he takes days to answer a text. Sometimes, he makes plans with you and then forgets about them and bails. Sometimes, he makes you feel worthless.

10. Most of your interactions are online. He likes your Instagram photos. He retweets you on Twitter. He contacts you through Facebook messenger or over the chat box on snapchat. You rarely talk on the phone, let alone face-to-face.

11. He only talks to you when it’s convenient. He will invite you over at the last second when he’s bored. He will text you first when he has nothing better to do. But he never actually goes out of his way to make time for you. He only uses you when it works for him.

12. He makes false promises. He tells you that he’s going to take you to Disney or that he’ll bring you to his favorite hamburger joint, but it never actually happens. It’s all talk. A way to keep you hanging on.

13. You keep questioning his feelings for you. Honestly, you aren’t sure if he sees you as girlfriend material or if he’s only leading you on. He has never given you a direct answer, so you have to take a guess. You have to analyze everything he does and come to your own conclusion.