This Man Allegedly Murdered His Wife On A Cruise Because She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing At Him


Kenneth Manzanares was charged with killing his wife on a cruise ship off Southeast Alaska after he was caught trying to drag her body to the balcony of their cabin in July. He was arrested as soon as the ship docked in Juneau.

According to a witness, who asked what had happened, Manzanares claimed that his wife wouldn’t stop laughing at him, spurring him into a violent rage. The couple, along with their children, was on the cruise to celebrate their anniversary.

One witness, who was summoned to the family’s cabin by the daughter, said they had entered to find the room covered in blood and the wife with a fatal head wound.

Because the death happened in waters beyond state jurisdiction, the federal government has taken on his case. Yesterday, Manzanares pled not guilty in court, but was granted his request for 60 days to determine whether the government would give him the death penalty.

This goes to show what women fear most — that it’s not stranger they have to worry about, but the ones they love the most.