13 Struggles Of Dating A ‘Foodie’ (But You Realize It’s Totally Worth It In The End)


I’m dating a self-proclaimed foodie. When we first met I shrugged it off thinking she was just one of those people who took pictures of their mundane food plates during meals. I was wrong, dead wrong. These past five years I’ve been full of spite, hate, and love to her addiction to food.

Please… I’m not talking about the type of addiction that leads her to shove food into her mouth like a gluttonous foul creature. I’m talking about the type of addiction where cooking food, grocery shopping for food, and especially, eating food at every single reputable restaurant is on her mind 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Food is the first and last priority of the day. And, there is no line to what we’ll do for the perfect meal. For example, I’ve traveled over 30 miles to purchase the “correct” berries so the dish she was cooking could turn out savory. I’ve roved along weird corridors, for 2-hours, just to enter a secret restaurant in a metropolitan city… it was well worth the pain. I’ve spent over three hundred dollars (both of us have) on a course that didn’t make me full. And, I’ve also spent only a few dollars on a course that kept me full till the next day.

It’s been quite an adventure.

Through this time I’ve been taking note of the particular type of qualities that her and her foodie friends have. It’s different from most people. Foodies have certain customs, habits, and/or mantras that they live by and it’s important you know them. Therefore, I suggest you listen up because I’m going to share the top 13 things you’ll hear if you’re dating (or expecting to date) a foodie.

1. “That’s not how you eat that…”

Yes, almost every dish has a specific way of how it is eaten.

I once ate only the insides of a sushi, which was reciprocated with a scolding from my partner’s friend: “that’s not how you eat that… you need to eat the fish with the rice. You need to eat the entire thing as one!” Unfortunately, her foodie friend was right. The rice did add an extra flavor that made the sushi roll spark my senses.

This also goes for certain sauces and food particles that must be mixed together in the dish. Trust me, as silly as this may sound, eating dishes how they’re meant to be eaten taste way better than not.

2. “You need to savor the flavor…”

This point may sound like a duplicate of point number one. But, it’s not. Savoring food is about making sure to really taste the flavors before you swallow.

It’s not pretentious. Seriously, it’s not pretentious because you paid good money for the dish and it’s only right for you to let the food settle sweetly in your pallet. I’m not saying to eat slowly. I’m saying at least appreciate the food before you scarf everything in your mouth… at least for a second.

3. “I can’t wait to go on Yelp to write a review!”

Yelp is the lifeblood of a foodie. It’s the responsibility for all foodies to inform other foodies the qualms and the highlights of any food experience.

There are always hidden gems and new dishes that need to be talked about. It’s good karma. These reviews may even save your life… especially to those non-foodies out there who are looking for a good place to eat.

4. “We can’t just wing our plans for the weekend. We need to plan where we’re eating!”

My partner has a shared google document (with 20 other people) of all the amazing places she wants to eat in the world. Yes, the world! It starts from snack bars, to food carts, to the most expensive sushi restaurants in Japan. I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds of special places she wants to eat before she dies. Therefore, before you go out on the town you should always expect to spend a few good minutes checking out your partner’s foodie list.

It’s not like you have to eat somewhere new every time. It’s always good to check the list, because you never know. Ya know?

5. “Let’s eat there only if Rebecca is serving there today!”

Foodies love getting to know the servers at their favorite restaurants.

Why? Well, you’re more likely to know the secret dishes that are not on the menu, get a good seat at the restaurant, get discounts on your meal, and even better yet, get first dibs on dishes that are “sold out.”

It’s awesome.

6. “Do I eat more than you?”

This is a big question that you’ll hear often and I feel it’s even more common if your partner is a fitness freak (like mine). It’s a legitimate question to ask because foodies tend to always have food lingering around them at all times. I don’t know about you, but my partner carries at least two meals and four crunchy snacks in her purse on a daily basis. How can she not ask this question?

For reference, I find most foodies (like her and her friends) to be predominantly fit no matter how much food they eat.

7. “I’m going to cook something… don’t wait up.”

I feel like my partner is always in the kitchen cooking something wonderful. I’m not going to lie, this can be a burden if I want to snuggle on the couch and watch something together on Netflix. However, I’ve learned and grown to a point where I’m now making it a habit to cook (spend time) with her in the kitchen. Besides, there is something so emotionally beneficial when you cook (and clean in the kitchen) with your partner.

8. “I made a plate for you… here you go.”

I think one of the best things about dating a foodie is that you’ll never go hungry. I’ll be working on a project when suddenly I’ll look up to see a bowl of something spectacular in my face. Trust me when I say that I do not take this for granted. Seriously, this is the best.

For reference, I do my part and return the favor. I’m a horrible cook compared to her but at least I give my best.

9. “Hurry! Trader Joes closes in 15 minutes, let’s get supplies!”

I don’t know about you, but my partner and I know the hours of operation of every grocery store nearby. You never know when you’ll need an extra tomato, granola bar, or turkey leg. You just never know.

10. “Okay, I’ll jump into bed AFTER I pack my lunches for THE WEEK”

Most foodies love to meal prep. Lay people are finally catching up on meal prepping. But for those who don’t know, meal prepping is when you cook all your food (usually for the week) and place it in tupperware.

Then, you package your tupperware in daily subsections to open your meals periodically throughout the workday. It’s the best because it will save you money and it’ll make you stay away from those unhealthy fast food places around the corner.

11. “I can’t wait to go on our vacation! There is a great place to eat here for breakfast and oooh they say this place is good for lunch… SO MANY PLACES! HONEY I DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO TRY FIRST… I’m panicking.”

Planning a vacation is the scariest thing you can do with a foodie because you’ll spend hours drawing maps to figure out the food places to hit up first. Tourist attractions are only visited if it fits with your foodie schedule. It’s pretty crazy. However, I will say that foodies are the best types of people to travel with. Why? Because there is no other way to really experience someone’s culture than to eat their food!

12. “Don’t eat it yet! Let me take a photo first!”

I always make sure that I give my partner ample time before I dig into our feast. We eat at so many different places and cook an array of dishes that it’s good to keep it on record. You never know when you’ll want to repeat a dish, stay away from a dish, and/or most importantly, share a dish to the world.

13. *Wakes up at 1am* I feel like baking!

A foodie doesn’t like feeling hungry. Therefore, if they have a craving they will make sure to do everything they can to fill their unnerving appetite. Luckily, a foodie’s kitchen is usually stockpiled with ingredients fit enough for a small thanksgiving dinner.

In my case, my partner loves to bake and we’re often waking up in the kitchen (at odd hours of the day) baking cupcakes, donuts, or cookies that make our stomachs smile.

For reference, when I say “we bake” I really mean I’m doing the most menial tasks… like watching. I know, I’m pathetic.

I will end by saying that having a partner who is a foodie is by far the best type of partner to have. We spend most of our lives searching, working, and killing for food. So why not spend it with someone who makes the process fun, spontaneous, and delicious? Trust me, you’ll never go hungry for love again.

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