5 Reasons I Totally Would’ve Dated Janice From Friends


Over the past few weeks, beloved Central Perk dwellers Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey have made a major comeback in our lives and living rooms thanks to Netflix and I couldn’t be happier or more glued to my television. Along with the gang comes all of the side characters we know and love (or know and hate). Perhaps the most recognizable of these side characters is Chandler’s on-again/off-again girlfriend, Janice. Janice Litman Goralnick is the girl we love to hate and hate to love, but I’ve never understood Chandler’s (and the group’s) disdain for her. Yes, the laugh. Yes, her nasally voice. Yes, she did end up choosing the Mattress King over Chandler, but I love Janice! And, dare I say, I would totally date Janice! Here’s why:

1. She’s Thoughtful.

Janice is thoughtful as hell. She surprised Chandler with Rocky & Bullwinkle socks. She made him a mixtape for Valentine’s Day. She went to see him off at the airport when he was leaving for his pretend trip to Yemen. Janice was constantly doing sweet things for Chandler even though he was mostly just a super dick to her.

2. She Loved Chandler’s Friends.

Janice loved anytime she got to feel like she was a part of the group. In season 3, when Janice and Chandler were actually in love, she even seemed to blend in quite nicely with everyone (most of the time). When she found out Joey hated her, she didn’t bad mouth him or try to ruin his and Chandler’s friendship, she had a sense of humor about it and tried to fix it. Unfortunately, “Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun!” didn’t change Joey’s feelings, but at least she tried to mend things and didn’t let it come between her and Chandler. Maybe she loved Ross a little too much, but I’ve blocked their weird little tryst out of my mind.

3. The Girl’s Got Confidence.

She kind of always had an “I’m the shit” attitude despite no one else thinking she was anything but awful. She is unapologetic for who she is and what she wants and, duh, who wouldn’t be into that?

4. Is She Really THAT Annoying?

Okay, so everyone hates her and she has an annoying laugh, BUT…I don’t really find her as annoying as I’m supposed to. She’s funny! She’s endearing! She cooks pancakes and makes up cute songs about the syrup! Also, she’s kind of adorable?

5. May we never forget that at one point she had the power to turn this man…

…into this man.