13 Subtle Things That Are Stopping You From Getting Over Him


1. Listening to heartbreaking music. Give Taylor Swift a rest, because music can severely impact your mood. Instead of listening to love songs, listen to Single and Love Myself and to remind yourself that being single isn’t all that bad.

2. Keeping his photos on your phone. Don’t give yourself easy access to the past. If you want to save your old photos, transfer them to your computer and pack them away in a folder that’s hard to find.

3. Keeping his number in your phone. Do you really want to risk drunk texting him? Then delete his number, so you can’t contact him, even if you have a lapse in judgement.

4. Being his friend on Facebook. Seeing his posts pop up when you least expect it can mess with your mind. So do yourself a favor and delete him from any and all social media accounts. It’s not childish. It’s healthy.

5. Asking about him. If you were part of the same group, you shouldn’t drop all of your friends. Just don’t ask them about your ex every chance you get. You don’t need to know how he’s doing. A little mystery is a good thing.

6. Complaining about him. You might think it’s healthy to list out all the things you hate about him–and it is, at first. But after a while, you should stop talking about him. Don’t bring him up, even if it’s just to whine about what an asshole he is.

7. Swearing off of relationships. I know you’re hurt, but other men are a good distraction. You don’t have to date them. But if you refuse to flirt with them, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

8. Masturbating to him. There are plenty of other things to fantasize about beneath the sheets, so stop thinking about how amazing the sex with him was. In fact, don’t daydream about him at all, whether it’s about the time you had shower sex or the time you went out on a romantic picnic.

9. Cyberstalking him. Resist the urge to check up on him. Does it really matter if he’s been going out with other girls? It might feel like it does, but it doesn’t. So stop looking.

10. Running into him. If you have class together, you can’t really run away from him. But you can sit in a seat that makes it impossible for you to stare at him. Make things as easy on yourself as possible.

11. Holding onto all of his stuff. Either stick his old sweatshirt and the stuffed animals he bought you into the back of your closet or toss them in the trash. You don’t want to be reminded of him every time you step into your bedroom.

12. Keeping your breakup a secret. It’s embarrassing to publicly change your relationship status to single, but it’s better than having friends and family members randomly ask you how your boyfriend is doing, because they have no idea that you two have split.

13. Lying to yourself. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to cry. If you act like the breakup isn’t bothering you, then you’ll never get over it. So cry. Cry until it’s time to stop crying and time to move on.