This Man Was Terrified When His Long Distance GF Got In A Car Crash, But What Actually Happened Is So Fucked Up



A little back story. My name is OP, and I am currently 22 years old.

In 2015 I met the most wonderful girl over Imgur. This story I’m about to tell you is not made up in any way, I wish I could say it was, but it’s not. Anyway, let’s get to it.

In 2015 I met, let’s just call her, Lucy. Lucy is 25 and studying medicine.

Lucy and I started talking frequently over a social networking site under Imgur, and eventually, we started talking outside of the site, on WhatsApp and Skype.

We soon realised we both liked each other more than just some people over seas, and agreed that we would actually be hurt if the other person decided to date somebody else. So we became exclusive.

After a year of talking every single day, having shared our lives with each other, we decided to meet up.

She was going to visit me here in Europe from The United States of Murica. She was going to land at 11 am on the 7th of July 2016. And this is where it all starts. The day before.

We texted before she got to the airport and said her Uber driver was driving recklessly and then she suddenly stopped answering my messages – said her driver ran red lights and all that. Naturally I became worried as this happened around 19.15 my time. I was sick of worry and at 1 in the morning I got a message.


I got a text from her mom saying she had been in a god damn car crash. I couldn’t sleep that night. I immediately woke up, sat naked in front of my computer and tried calling her to know what happened exactly.

I talked to her mom the whole night, and because I work with sponsorships and raising capital, I started looking into funding opportunities to go see her at the hospital, because he mom said she was in a coma. I’ve never met a person that I WANTED in my life before, and Lucy was exactly that. She was the one for me. It’s really tough to say but she was — and yes I said was.


I started looking into crowdfunding and used my entire network and raised approximately 2000 USD in 36 hours flat to go see her. There was NO chance in the world I would risk not getting to meet Lucy.

Lucy had been on my mind every day for a year. We’ve shared funny experiences, 8 hour long Skype calls and…

I got nothing better than I was completely in love with her, I really was. I’ve never met a girl I could just… Be myself with. Be the person I really was. She could make ME laugh and I’ve never felt more “at home” as when I talked to her.


Two days after the accident. I’m on my way to Murica.


Murica here I come. I had arranged to meet up with her mom at the airport so she could drive me to the hospital.


Lucy was in the airport when I arrived to pick me up and naturally I was dumbfounded and completely stunned to finally see her. Holy shit what she’s at the airport? But she was at the hospital?? She was even more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined. Remember, I was just happy she was alive from what her mom had told me. I didn’t give a thought to the fact that she had been in a serious car crash and actually was in the airport – this would’ve probably given an objective person a red light but I didn’t think about it.

Apparently she had made an amazing recovery, and since she’s a met student, they let her go so she could take care of herself.


So we drove to her place where I would be staying for the week and everything just felt… So right. It felt so “at home”. I’ve never clicked with anybody that way.

The past two days were the some of the best two days of my life.
Now you might wonder why I said the next two days were the best two days of my life. Well, here we fucking go.

The next day we went out to eat and have drinks. We had drank a little before going out and I had had a little too much to drink, plus the ginormous amount of sushi we ate didn’t help.

We went back to her place after dinner and got ready to hit the bars. We went to 4 – 5 different bars and eventually I started to sober up and Lucy got pretty drunk — which was the plan anyway so whatever.

We met up with one of her friends and joined him for the rest of the night, let’s just call him Asiri.

At around 1 am we went to a bar, let’s just call it “Moe’s”. At Moe’s I was completely sobered up again and Lucy was very drunk and wanted another drink, and I asked if she was sure she didn’t want a glass of water. She said no, so I went to get her a drink. Two minutes later, she was gone.

Asiri and I searched absolutely everywhere for Lucy but we couldn’t find her. We even checked the women’s bathroom to see if she had passed out or anything. Nope. Nowhere to be found. We filed a police report for a missing person and they told us to check the local hospitals and jails because alcohol had been involved.

After an hour of trying to find her, turning every rock, we see police activity behind one of the bars we had visited before. We want to go talk to them to tell them what has happened. We see them interrogating a person who’s crying and I look up, and it’s Lucy.

Lucy had been sexually assaulted.

The police asks us who we are and we of course tell them who we are, I’m OP from Europe visiting Lucy – I show them my passport and everything. She is yelling that I’m her boyfriend and that she wants to talk to me – but because it’s a sexual assault case, I’m not allowed to talk to her. I had to see the hurt in her eyes of what had happened… I CANNOT describe the sinking feeling in my stomach when I realised what had happened and I wasn’t allowed to help her.

I then get interviewed by the police and everything is professionally done despite the circumstances.

They then round off the interview by saying… “And we wont charge you for her underage drinking”. Wait what? She’s 25. Suddenly, everything around me spins. I’m not allowed to join her at the hospital so I arrange to stay with Asiri for the night so I can see her in the morning.

I then talk to Asiri and he tells me: “Bro. She doesn’t study medicine, she’s not 25, she’s 20.”

Okay whatever, I just want her to be okay, initially I don’t care about that. BUT.

Then I asked about her best friend Charlie who she has sent me A LOT of pictures with, holding her and going out with. We had a huge fight about it because I thought it was inappropriate, but she assured me he just was her good friend. Turns out it was her boyfriend. She had had a boyfriend the whole fucking time.


Oh, remember the car crash? Yeah she faked that because she accidentally ran over a dog and felt guilty she had to adopt it and didn’t have money for the plane ticket. She was acting to be her mom the whole time – even after I seriously asked if it was a joke. She had walked around in a leg cask all the time I was there and I just thought she was on painkillers.

The next morning her REAL mom then texts Asiri, and puts down her phone number. At first he was skeptical if it actually was her mom, but why else would she put down a phone number?

I call and tell her what happen. She coldly asks “OP, will we find DNA of you inside of her?” to which I of course answer “No.”

We hadn’t had sex. I was jetlagged from the previous day and was looking forward to finally get to explore her body that night. But… Yeah.

We arranged that we meet up tomorrow morning at Lucy’s apartment and go through what happened.

I can’t sleep that whole night. I am so angry. She has lied to me for a whole year about herself. I don’t care about her studies or her age. I can forgive that, but I cannot forgive her for having a boyfriend.

The next morning after I said bye to Asiri and thanking him for his hospitality I go to her apartment and talk to her parents, who are some of THE nicest people I’ve ever met. Completely genuine and absolutely amazing. I tell them about the whole situation and apparently, they knew who I was. They knew about Charlie, but they didn’t know that Lucy and I, supposedly, were in a relationship.

We talk it through as well as we can, and I meet Lucy but she’s completely jacked on medicine after what happened. I cry my fucking heart out asking if she’s okay and why she would not be honest with me, lure me to the United States and not tell me even when I’m there, that she has a boyfriend or anything. She faked a car crash.

So why am I telling you all of this Imgur?

The past 3 – 4 months I’ve been so pent up, not wanting to talk about it what so ever. This is sort of therapeutical for me since I’ve been suicidal after this summer. I’m seeing a psychologist and getting help from my peers so let’s leave it at that.

The detective on the case called me the day after when her parents had paid for a hotel room near the airport. He literally told me he was so sorry for what she had done to me and that I should get back on the horse. That’s the bit that get’s me from this summer… The detective handling the rape case said sorry to ME for what happened… God damn it.

I loved her with all of my heart.

Such a wild, wild story. Commenters on Imgur have expressed their condolences, and all pretty much agreed that “OP” dodged a bullet.

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