13 Things Girls Mistake For ‘Normal Boyfriend Behavior’ But Are Actually Toxic AF


1. Coming close to cheating. It’s not okay if he flirts with other girls. If he asks his ex if she’s still single. If he looks through Tinder, just to see his options. He might not technically be cheating, but he’s not being a good boyfriend. At all.

2. Calling you psychoHe shouldn’t accuse you of being clingy whenever you ask him a question or send him a double text, and he shouldn’t call you crazy every time you shed a tear. He shouldn’t diminish how you’re feeling by calling you a name.

3. Being a mean drunk. It’s not okay if he curses at you, if he hits you, if he makes you feel like a shitty human being. It doesn’t matter if he was drunk when he said those horrible things. He still said them. Being wasted isn’t an excuse.

4. Making you cry. He’s supposed to be the reason you smile, not the reason you lock the door to your bedroom and cry your eyes out for three hours straight. He should be wiping away your tears, not giving them reasons to fall.

5. Constantly getting jealous. He shouldn’t get mad at you whenever another guy glances your way. And he shouldn’t ask you to delete your best friend’s phone number, because he happens to be a man, either. He should trust you not to cheat.

6. Controlling what you wear. Your boyfriend shouldn’t have a say in how short your skirts are or how low-cut your tops are. You’re allowed to wear whatever the hell you want. He’s not in control of your body.

7. Forcing you into sex. If you’re not in the mood for sex, you’re allowed to turn your boyfriend down. If he gets pissed off, tries to guilt trip you, or whines about how you gave him blue balls and he deserves an orgasm, he’s being an asshole.

8. Stalking you. He shouldn’t grab your phone when you aren’t looking and go through your messages. He shouldn’t drive past your house to check up on you. He shouldn’t spy on you, like you’re some sort of criminal.

9. Taking his frustration out on you. It doesn’t matter if he had a bad day at work or if his parents won’t stop nagging him or if he got bad news from the doctor. He shouldn’t use you as his punching bag. You’re supposed to be his support system. His teammate. Not the enemy he attacks.

10. Lying over small things. If he lied about how much he drank, about who he hung out with that night, about what bar he went to — that’s a huge red flag. If he’s comfortable lying about little things, he’ll lie about big things.

11. Pulling you away from family. Wanting you all to himself isn’t sweet. It’s toxic. You’re supposed to have a life of your own. You’re supposed to go out drinking with friends and have dinner with your parents — and he shouldn’t stop you.

12. Hating on you. He shouldn’t go around, telling all his friends how much relationships suck and how he misses being single. He should be happy to have you. He should be bragging about you, not ranting about you.

13. Having anger issues. Does he back you into corners during fights? Does he grab your wrist and yank you around? Does he throw things at you? Does he punch walls? Then he isn’t safe to be around. Get the hell out of there.