To All The Lost Creatives


To whom it may concern,

You seek the concrete, yet long for answers to questions asked, not yet asked, and still waiting to be formed. There is comfort in the idea of destiny, the construct of purpose. That you were made for something or someone. But don’t subscribe to the straight path.

Yes, there will be times when linear forms of life are appealing, but they reek of limitation. The truth about a possibility is that it has no equation or rules to follow in order to achieve it. It’s is the like the air we breathe; you can’t see it, but it surrounds and supports your life every day.

The most important aspect of our lives revolves around the fact that as long as we take it in, the possibilities are infinite.

Right now, you feel confined and stagnant. These emotions are the normal company to keep with the ebbs and flows of life. When you are born a visionary, you constantly seek to expand. Perhaps in unconventional ways. This mentality can scare those that prefer the security of societal constructs. The majority only operate on the basis of who above them will constantly monitor their performance. Those who seek to tie their identity to objects, jobs, or people.

Regardless, you must not be hindered or intimidated by the seeming lack of direction. Because if you really pay attention, there waits a new observation or discovery in the making.

While beneficial to remain focused and centered, there is a certain lack of growth that comes with consistent success that becomes disheartening. Human error can and has created some of the most wonderful opportunities. There is endless potential to create in mistakes being made.

The journey we take is meant to be filled with lessons. They are the point from which we can identify with our own growth as well as the growth of others.

Your skills don’t only lie in your ability to get straight A’s, or always be agreeable, or endlessly serve the egos of others. Your value is not limited to these traits either.

Keep your head up, your work original, and your options open. You are going to do great things someday.

A fellow lost creative.