13 Ways Artistic People Show Their Love Differently


1. They share everything they’re feeling. (Everything.) There’s nothing more loving and engaging to an inherently creative person than letting you into their emotional lives, and their emotional lives include how they felt about their morning coffee.

2. They ask seemingly random – but very personal – questions. They want to connect with you in a way nobody else has before, and certainly want to chip away at the social “mask” people wear.

3. They tell you stories. They process the world through narratives. Storytelling is just how they communicate, especially with people they love. What comes across to others as a snarky joke or metaphor in their writing is revealed to you to be past traumas and biggest struggles and wildest dreams. You get the whole picture, not just the snapshot of it.

4. They become highly protective of you. They want to keep you safe and away from other people’s prying, judgmental eyes. To artistic people, mental and emotional security is safety, so trying to reassure you of how loved you are is the way they express this desire best.

5. They become hyper-observational. They not only notice random things, like the color of your towels, but remember them, and use these little bits and pieces to understand you in ways you probably haven’t even evaluated yourself.

6. They try to help you fix your problems. Artistic people are natural healers. Their love for expression almost always comes with the intent of feeling better or helping others. They’re not going to be able to sleep until they know you’re okay, and they’ll assume the role of helping you get there (even when it’s not necessary).

7. They start to read your micro-expressions, and respond to them accordingly. Artistic people make the best lovers because they’re hyper-conscious of what you want, and what makes you happy.

8. They try to understand how you think. In the mind of an artistic person, the way you think and process the world is akin to who you are.

9. They romanticize your day-to-day life together. They want to make you breakfast in bed, and read next to candlelight, and take Tumblr-worthy photos of your day trips… your whole relationship becomes one big art project.

10. They experience a bit of resistance or uncertainty. They’re not so sure in the beginning, or they go back and forth a bit trying to decide whether or not this is the right path. Artistic people are very keyed into their emotions, and when we identify what we want, we also identify what we don’t, and sometimes, the fear wins out now and again.

11. They compare your relationship to that of movie characters’. Life mirrors art, no?

12. They share with you what they want out of life. The first things you’ll know about them – aside from the obvious – are what they want. This is how they begin to size you up for potential compatibility.

13. They do this thing where they “pretend” you’re already living your future together to “see if it works.” For better and for worse, artistic people like to jump the gun a bit when it comes to love, and often almost behave as though you’re in it for the long haul, just to see if you could be in it for the long haul. After all: imagination > reality (or so they love to believe).

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