Cute Or Creepy? 17 Adorably Weird Things Healthy Couples Secretly Do Together


1. They burst into song regularly, even if they have terrible voices, because they’re not at all insecure in each other’s company and sometimes life calls for bursting into song randomly.

2. They dance for each other naked sometimes—to be silly, not sexy. Because few things are funnier than watching your partner do an impromptu nude jig, and each person in the relationship is fully committed to self-mockery in the name of joint laughter.

3. They wrestle, vigorously but affectionately, because loving each other so deeply results in excess energy that needs an outlet. When they end up entangled in a strange pretzel like formation on the couch or the bed, they remain there for a few minutes longer than necessary, happy to be (literally) knotted in love.

4. They leave each other love notes in odd places—in shoes and pockets, on the back wall of the medicine cabinet, or scribbled in red lipstick across the bathroom mirror. These tiny thoughtful gestures, though redundant, never lose their power to surprise or delight.

5. They do things as a team that could easily be done solo—like chop vegetables, take out the trash, or check the mail—because doing so makes them feel closer and more connected, even for just a few moments.

6. They invent bedtime stories starring each other. These tales might be recreations of memorable past events, or hypotheticals surrounding their shared future. Whatever the case, there’s something supremely comforting about them.

7. They tend to make up words to express how passionately they feel about each other because the dictionary’s existing options all seem so insufficient.

8. They’re given to making up weird games, too. Understanding the importance of play, they’re eager to turn life’s duller moments into fun. But if they race or compete, it’s for the thrill of it, never out of anger or a desire to outdo each other.

9. If one person falls asleep prematurely, the other stares longingly at their peaceful drooling partner, considering how lucky they are—believing, in fact, that they’re the most fortunate man or woman alive. They honestly prefer each other in this natural, no fuss state.

10. They share things that aren’t designed to be shared, like toothbrushes, washcloths, and razors. The act of sharing when it’s unnecessary seems especially intimate.

11. They prefer to pack their belongings together rather than take separate suitcases because they like the idea of their stuff touching just as much as they like the idea of touching each other constantly.

12. They tag each other in ridiculous posts on social media and make inside jokes in the comments that strike everyone else as cryptic or cheesy. Luckily, they honestly don’t care what anyone else thinks.

13. They dream about each other frequently—sometimes sexually and sometimes not—because their lives are so intricately intertwined. The only thing better than dreaming about each other is waking up to recount the bizarre details of their subconscious minds.

14. They prank each other whenever possible, addicted to the high and the challenge of cracking each other up. The relationship is partly an ongoing exercise in executing increasingly complicated, well-intentioned practical jokes.

15. They doctor photos and construct meme like graphics that will never be shared outside the relationship because they’re purely designed for viewing as a couple.

16. They monitor each other’s appearance on a granular level, casually pointing out pimples and stray hairs or odd little bumps as they arise. They’ll even excavate ingrown hairs or shave each other in certain areas upon request.

17. Sometimes, when they’re out in public where no one knows them—at a restaurant, a sporting event, or the bank—they pretend to be husband and wife. They play married couple for kicks, and because they’re eager on some level to reach that stage in life (if they haven’t already, that is).