13 Ways Children Of Divorce Love Differently (And More Beautifully)


1. We’re fighters. We don’t come from a happy little family. We come from a real family with real problems. But we don’t let those problems define us. No. We let them strengthen us.

2. We’re skeptical. We aren’t going to blindly believe your flirtatious remarks and false claims of love. You have to show us how you feel with your daily actions. And once you earn our trust, we’ll love you with everything we have.

3. We would never cheat on you. We know how much that would hurt. There’s no way in hell we’re going to put someone through such extreme pain. Ever.

4. We live in the moment. We know that love doesn’t always last. But instead of letting that thought destroy us, we let it inspire us. That’s why we’ll make sure to enjoy every single second with you.

5. We don’t rush through things. We’re not going to jump into a marriage. We’re going to take our time, so that we don’t make a life-changing mistake. That means, if we agree to walk down the aisle with you, we’re dead serious about spending forever with you.

6. We actually like being single. Our parents are happier on their own than they ever were together, so we’re not under the assumption that single life sucks. We know it can be the healthiest route. That’s why we only date when we want to, not because we feel like we need to.

7. We’ll love your family. We’ve been through hell, so if you have a dysfunctional family, we’re not going to be scared off. We’ll understand. No matter how many asshole uncles and drunken aunts you have, we’ll be able to handle them all.

8. We realize relationships aren’t easy. We understand that we could wake up one day and hate the person we used to love. That’s why we’re going to put actual effort into the relationship. We know that, if we don’t put in the work, then it’s all going to fade away.

9. We know how to communicate. We watched our parents’ relationship disintegrate. We’ve heard the curses, the threats, and the name calling — and we never want to resort to that. We’ve set high standards for ourselves. We’re never going to do what our parents did.

10. We don’t take any shit. Our relationship is going to be healthy. You know why? Because we can see red flags from a mile away. If you’re toxic, we’ll know, and we’ll kick you to the curb before you have a chance to really fall for us.

11. We’ve created our own family. Pieces of our family fell apart after the divorce, but we formed our own family by bringing together our closest friends. We’re extremely family oriented, even though our family consists of more than blood relatives.

12. We know how to channel our emotions. We’ve been bitter. Pissed. Depressed. Suicidal. By now, we know how to deal with those unhealthy thoughts. We don’t let ourselves blow up. We know how to keep ourselves sane.

13. We’ll appreciate everything you do. We know you don’t have to whisk us away on our birthday. You don’t have to cook us our favorite meal on our anniversary. If you go the extra mile, we’ll notice, and we’ll thank you for it.