8 Things I’d Tell My 12-Year Old Self If I Could Go Back In Time 


I know you’re stubborn and a skeptic, but try to take my advice.

1. Always Put Yourself First. It doesn’t matter if that makes you selfish or egocentric in the eyes of others, but you have to prioritize first and foremost. I know it goes against the values instilled upon you; after all, Mom said to love your family first right? Well she’s wrong.

Love yourself first and understand that you deserve it. By putting yourself first, you will take better care of yourself and I can guarantee that you will assert your position in this world.

2. Their Opinions Don’t Always Have To Matter. This is your life thus you have the freedom to make any choice you so wish to. Whatever you decide to do, own it and take ownership of your actions. Even if society disapproves, always remember that people often feel compelled to share their two-cents, but you have the right to not give a damn about their thoughts. It doesn’t mean be rude because you know better than that. It simply means that as a woman, you are entitled to form an opinion as well as to stick to it.

3. This Life Owes You Nothing. You know it doesn’t and for once in your life, you should actually take this advice from dad. Success, happiness, and wealth won’t fall on your lap so you have to work for it. That top level job position that you aspire to reach won’t crawl to you on a random night; you have to put in the effort and dedication to achieve it. This life is magical and it is what you make of it so be sure to make it a fantastic one.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fall in Love. This is one of your fears, I know. Even today as a grown woman, you’re still afraid of falling in love. However, I want you to know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Love can be daunting and tiring especially if you have had your heart broken many times, but listen. One day you will find a man who will make you a part of his world because you are simply everything beautiful and effortless to him. When you cross paths with him, be nice not cold.

5. Have Sex When You’re Ready. Making love is a beautiful moment and because you’re sharing your body with another person, you have to make sure he’s the right sex partner. It doesn’t matter if you have sex before marriage and it certainly doesn’t matter if people around you frown upon your actions. It is your body hence you are the only person whose opinion matters most.

6. You Are Not Lesser Than A Man. You’re only so blessed to live in an era of feminism where many men and women staunchly fight for equal rights. In a time when the notion that a woman is “below” a man is considered archaic, take this opportunity to realize your self-worth. You’re not just a woman, you are a fierce, independent individual with a voice that can make an impact to society. Use it wisely, use it respectfully.

7. Let Them Leave You. Life will never leave you lonely. As you age, the universe will keep churning out new people for you to meet. If your circle of friends begin to diminish, so be it. If your boyfriend leaves you, let him. I want you to know that you should never have to force people to put you first. Thus if they only see you as an option, leave them.

8. Calm Down, You’ll Do Great Things In Life. You are motivated by your aspirations and you never seize to give up. Your fighting spirit has carried you this far in life and may that humble you. Your passion has led you to accomplish what was once deemed impossible. Your impatience is the driving force behind your inability to never settle and it is always the reason that you keep going in this world. So relax.. You’ll do great things in life!