14 Reasons Why You Should Go Vote Today


1. Because today’s Election Day: I thought I’d get the most obvious one out of the way first as a general reminder.

2. To get an extended lunch break: Employers are mandated to give you time off to go vote if you work today. So, take an extra half hour to punch your ballot in a place conveniently located next to your favorite lunch spot.

3. To show that our generation isn’t uninterested in democracy: Because democracy has been around for thousands of years and do you really want to be the generation responsible for being a part of its demise?!

4. Because it’s the least taxing way to show your civic duty: It only takes a few minutes to cast a ballot and it is way less time consuming than say, jury duty.

5. Because it’s someone’s job to make sure you make it to the polls: Little known fact, there are a lot of people who’s full time job is centered on trying to get you to go vote, you know, because of the whole keeping democracy alive thing I mentioned above.

6. Because if you’re a minority or a woman, someone spent their entire life making you sure you had the right to vote: … some people have died so you could have this right. Enough said.

7. To meet the love of your life: Odds of this are probably slim but you never know until you go (insert winky face emoji)

8. To get the “I Voted” sticker and thus feel superior to all the people in your office who, “forgot to register”.: Hey, whatever makes you feel better.

9. To have your voice heard: So maybe you think all politicians are all scum bags – I will concede that’s a valid point. But in many states there’s more on the ballot than just elected officials. Go vote for the issues and initiatives you’re passionate about and forget everything else.

10. To stick it to “the man”: So maybe you don’t have anything you’re voting for but maybe you have something or someone you’re voting against.

11. Because you have nothing better to do today: I mean, if you were just planning on sitting around all Tuesday you might as well make yourself useful and go vote.

12. Because it means something to you: My aunt and uncle have brought my younger cousin with them every election day since she was born so she can see how important going is. Every year they take her out to breakfast first and then give her the “I voted” sticker to instill in her that voting is a special privilege not something to just be discredited.

13. To vote for those who can’t: I’m talking about the many undocumented workers and former convicted felons who aren’t allowed to vote on Election Day. Their voices aren’t any less important then yours so why not use your vote to speak for them.

14. Because even though it’s hard to believe, elected officials make the laws on every level of government based on the things you care about.: As always it’s been another brutal election season of creepy commercials and campaign rhetoric and that all ends today when you go vote based on the things that matter to you. Republican, Democrat or Independent, whatever you believe in is worth voting for today. We often complain about what’s wrong with government and democracy without actively taking part in it, today’s your chance – go vote.