14 Struggles Of Wanting To Pursue Multiple Dreams In Life


1. If you’re not elite at multitasking, dedicating time to each dream will mean they’ll all suffer a bit, because you need to be fully invested and focused on each, individual goal.

2. You’ll have moments of overwhelming excitement that motivate you to make financial investments in pursuit of other dreams. One month you’re sure you want to learn guitar, so you buy equipment and take lessons, the next you’re spending big on camera equipment to teach yourself photography.

3. Hearing conflicting advice, because some will tell you it’s best to have a game plan while others are firm believers in the Will Smith notion that a Plan B will only distract you from Plan A.

4. Disappearing on family and friends for weeks, or months at a time, because you’ve been sucked into a vortex of concentrated productivity, and you don’t want to break the fragile windows of focus.

5.The person dating you can find the relationship emotionally exhausting because the massive amount of time spent working on your goals can leave your significant other feeling neglected, as if they’re constantly on the back burner to a list of objectives.

6. Some things legitimately take dedicating your life to, and multitasking literally isn’t even an option. Every fiber of your being needs to be spent on this one thing, and you have to regretfully part ways with other ambitions.

7. Wasting time because you’re so uncertain which thing you want to work on in any given instant that you spend entirely too long debating which thing to hone in on today.

8. Having to constantly remind yourself that no matter what, you have a limited number of goals and dreams, but you need to be wary of the seemingly infinite distractions that can impede the process of you fulfilling everything you want to do.

9. You have a hard time being patient, because you just want to arrive at the big picture immediately, even though big goals, especially more than one, often take a conscious, day-to-day effort. Simply put, it’s difficult to stay super motivated when things aren’t happening overnight.

10. Seeing someone else prosper in a field you too want to be successful in brings out a slightly envious side that’ll make you want to drop whatever you’re currently working on, and catch up to that person.

11. Sometimes putting too much on your plate and actually getting burned-out happens. As a hardworking human, you’re susceptible to face physical or mental exhaustion, and it can be a slow fall you have time to brace yourself for, or a sudden, complete nervous breakdown.

12. This Dolly Parton quote sums up a conflict that constantly weighs heavy on your mind: “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

13. After declining so many invitations from friends because you’re working hard at things, eventually they’ll begin to assume you’re an automatic no, and stop asking you to hangout the majority of the time.

14. Having a haunting, deep-rooted fear that this one lifetime isn’t enough for you to do all of the things you want to. This will linger, and keep you awake at night more often than you’d like, but if embraced, it can be refined into a source of motivation.