10 Characters From TV Commercials Who Deserve Their Own Show


1. Lily Adams from AT&T

I’m probably a smidgen biased here because I feel like I bought stock in Milana Vayntrub’s success after watching her YouTube channel, but who wouldn’t enjoy more Lily Adams? Some flashbacks to her days as a JV point guard would be a garnish, but the steak and potatoes of this hypothetical series would be seeing what witty Lily does when her shifts at AT&T are over. Does she hit the club? Does she hopelessly date? Does she go to Applebee’s for half price appetizers? So much uncharted territory with this character.

2 & 3. Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm

The premise is very basic Romeo & Juliet – two people who are deep in a forbidden love, as they work at rivaling insurance companies. Who says no to this?

4. Usher & Buzz The Bee

That digital bee and a spritely, dancing Usher have unlimited potential together. The key is that this show has to be TV-MA, unlike the family friendly commercials. Throw this series on Adult Swim or FX, and make it super inappropriate. I want to that ‘VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED’ message before every episode.

5. The Rob Lowe’s who have cable from DIRECTV.

Throw all of the Rob Lowe’s who have cable in this series. Less Attractive Rob Lowe, Creepy Rob Lowe, Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe, Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe, etc. Get all of ‘em wrangled up together, and then.. STOP. Just stop. Yeah, I only want this to be a TV series so it can get astonishingly low, Lowe ratings and be canceled after the pilot, where it, along with these dead horse beating commercials, will stop existing.

6. The Chick-fil-A Cows

Inspired by this tweet:

A series about these cows trying to not get murdered every week? Count me in. It’d be intense, like The Walking Dead, but the zombies are humans and the humans are uneducated cows who are constantly on the run, trying to stave off being slaughtered, fried, and eaten alongside delicious waffle fries.

7. Frank and Charlie from AT&T

These two have a fun dynamic and it’d be like a buddy cop type deal, but instead of policing they’re doing all type of AT&T shenanigans. I see plenty of potential for crossover episodes with Lily Adams as well, which creates a Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules option that frankly, I’m very into.

8. Mayhem from Allstate

Mayhem wreaking havoc is hilarious and we don’t need storylines or character development, just a heavy serving of this man ruining lives would be quite adequate.

9. The Most Interesting Man In The World

Obvious choice here, though I feel like the makers of Entourage need to do this on HBO, so we don’t have to censor the very most interesting things The Most Interesting Man In The World does.

10. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

His commercials were epic and this is a goldmine, people. It could be like a human version of Johnny Bravo, where this smug, suave guy just stunts on dudes and makes them feel slightly inadequate and self-conscious about their abilities to make a woman swoon.