14 Things To Remember When You’re Struggling With Your Emotional Strength


Why do you get up at 5:00 a.m. and drag your butt to the gym? Because you want your body to be strong. You want it to be fit, toned, and healthy.

But, being healthy isn’t only about your peak physique. Your mind needs strength as well to be in top form. When you give your mind a daily workout by stopping defeating thoughts, you grow. You grow your emotional strength and you learn to put trust and faith in yourself.

Emotional strength is one of the most influential motivators of our behavior because it reflects how you view your equality to others. When you reach a stage in your life where you’ve built up proper self-confidence, you see the world differently. The world sees you differently. And, you certainly don’t react to everyday situations the same as others.

Simply, you’re stronger and you fear less – and the world knows it.

Emotional strength prevents you from getting carried away by negative thoughts to the point where self-doubt creeps in and you begin doubting your abilities. These fourteen thoughts will help make you emotionally stronger without getting overcome with intrusive and harmful thoughts.
I will gain emotional strength because…

1. When my heart and brain are in combat, I will not fall victim to what my heart tricks me into believing.

2. When I face a setback, I will reflect and will use it as a defining moment that leads me to my future success.

3. When I am faced with taking a detour in life, I will simply consider it as taking the back road and will enjoy the ride until I get back onto the main highway.

4. When I face fear, I will let my faith in myself be greater than my doubt.

5. When self-doubt begins to permeate my life, I will remember that if I doubt my abilities, so will everyone else.

6. When a person tries to minimize me, I will remember that I have the power to soar instead of sink.

7. When the past taunts me, I will focus on the power of now because a new future will give me a new past.

8. When I open my mouth to complain, I will remember that negative thoughts breed negative emotions.

9. When I feel overwhelmed, I will remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.

10. When I grow afraid to dip my toe in uncharted waters, I will remember that nothing incredible ever happens by staying in the same spot.

11. When I find myself jealous of the success of others, I will appreciate and celebrate their success and will use it as motivation to keep me focused on my own success.

12. If someone has great advice for me, I will not let my ego get the best of me. I will consider the advice and be thankful for it.

13. When I grow afraid to move past fear, I will remember to tackle the root cause of my fear so I won’t cave in to an easier option.

14. When I am afraid to shine, I will remember that fitting in is never the answer because it’s those who stand out that get the attention.

Gaining emotional strength doesn’t mean that you will stop experiencing fear but as you become more aware of your thoughts, you can accept your feelings without letting the negative emotions rule your life.