If He Does Any Of These 8 Unforgivables, You’ll Know It’s Time To Leave


When he chooses his friends over you.

I know this sounds stupid because most of you might say “if you love him you won’t make him choose”, but this time is different. You didn’t make him choose, it was just a given that he needs to be with you on that particular day. He would rather be with his friends than be with you on your birthday. He would rather go out and have fun with his friends than spend valentine’s day with you. See what I mean?

When compromising does not work.

They say a relationship is full of compromises. But, when he decides to not go on a date with you or just simply hang out because you miss him and you have tried everything you can just so he can agree but still wont, what use is it?

When it’s always him.

It’s always what he wants, what he needs, and never really cared to listen to you because you are apparently not a priority. WHEN WILL YOU BE A PRIORITY? You try to understand him but he doesn’t even try to understand you. He clearly cares more about himself and his own happiness more than you.

When is he doesn’t care to see you anymore.

He says he misses you but doesn’t even make an effort to see you. You’re the one who’s always making plans. You’re the one who’s adjusting and rearranging your schedule to make time for him. You make time to see him even on a busy day, and what does he do? NOTHING.

When there is no fixing.

Fights are normal in relationships, but what isn’t normal is not solving what caused the fight. Instead he would try to do more harm than good. He would not try to fix things because it does not benefit him.

When you feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

You start to get scared when bringing up problems. You start to choose your words very carefully because one slip can cause a big argument. You approach him in a kind manner and just talk about what’s bothering you, but her starts yelling at you causing more problems leading to more fights. To avoid all that, you just shut your mouth.

When he calls you a “piece of shite.”

For those who don’t know what shite means, it’s shit. Yes, shit! He called you shit, his exact words were “you’re a piece of shite”. Because of stupid petty things like spoiling a scene on Game of Thrones.

When he acts like he’s single.

He stops sharing photos of you or you both, claims he didn’t get the tag request on facebook, and deletes photos of you both on his social media accounts. He starts chatting up girls, setting up dates and watches movies with them. He makes time for all his cheating but he doesn’t make time for you.