14 Types Of Guys Who Won’t Catch You When You Fall For Them


Well, here it is. A list of the different kinds of guys who you’ll almost always probably end up falling in love with but will also almost always probably break your heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. The Handsome Gay.

The type that makes you wanna tell them how much they are wasting by liking their own. We all know women outnumber men here on earth. So why increase the scarcity? (Matt Bommer, are you by any chance, reading this?)

A song once said, “Not all men are handsome, and not all handsome guys are men.”

And what’s more irritating is the good-looking ones tend to be more homo than the uhmm, not-so-good-looking ones. Sigh.

But oh well, the silver lining is: If you can’t have him, at least no other girl will have him as well.

2. The Perfect Guy…

…who does not exist. So how can something catch you when it doesn’t even exist?

3. The Anime Character.

Yes, we know he’s super cool and super handsome and super powerful. But still, a guy who looks cool with spiky yellow/blue/orange hair doesn’t exist – a figment of someone’s imagination. And, you’d have to learn how to speak in Japanese, you know, to communicate with him.

4. The Super Hot Actor/Model/Singer/Athlete.

Ian Somerhalder? Orlando Bloom? David Beckham?
This long distance relationship just isn’t going to work. And besides, they’re too busy with filming/recording their album. So yeah, time is the main problem here.

5. The Bestfriend.

We are all too familiar with this mess. And you don’t want to get into that.

6. Some random stranger on a bus/jeepney/train.

This doesn’t need an explanation, really.

7. The guy who is blind.

Falling in love with somebody who doesn’t even see you is usual. And by ‘see’, this could probably mean someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Or somebody who knows you but fails to acknowledge your presence.
I just said probably, you know. I mean, does this even happen in movies?

8. The One-Women-Men.

No, I didn’t commit a typo. I know my English pretty well.
These kinds are those guys who collect and collect and collect and collect…and collect. But never selects. Those who aren’t satisfied with one. Those who live by the saying: “The more, the merrier!” Which we all know, in relationships, is not so true.

9. Your friend with benefits.

In this game, the first to fall in love loses.

10. The guy who only knows you exist when he needs something.

Well, for this kind of guy, we all know what to tell him. One word, and that is: FUCKYOU. And we can add the middle finger. Because we all know actions speak louder than words.

11. The guy who has already caught someone else.

No matter what happens, you can’t fall in love with a guy who is in a relationship with someone.
Okay, so I mean you can. But you will only hurt yourself.

12. The guy everybody wants.

Campus crush? The perfect boyfriend? Nuh uh. Nope. So many girls are already lining up, which decreases the chance for you to – well, let’s see – zero.

13. The man who can’t be moved.

The guy who doesn’t feel you. The guy who, no matter how obvious your feelings are, has no clue about them.

14. The guy who pushes you off the edge of the cliff.

This guy leads you on, and then when you decide to take the jump, he takes a step back. The guy who makes you feel special. The guy who acts like your boyfriend. The guy you go to dates with. The guy who kisses you. The guy who sleeps with you. The guy who tells you the real status between the two of you: Friends.

At this point, you are allowed to say: What the fuck?