4 Things I’ll Miss (As A Student)


I had my gown and cap on and the moment when I reached out to take my certificate on the stage, I realized that what I had for these four years, I could never have it back again.

1. I miss doing the things I hated.

Eat. Sleep. Assignment. Repeat.

I hated the amount of workloads I had. Having four subjects in a semester with three or four assignments for each subjects, these homework were a never ending brain exercise. I have spent a number of endless night, filled with Pringles, coffee and Teh Tarik, tried to keep myself wide awake so that I complete my homework and study for examinations. Moment like these was no fun and time like these just make me want to flip my table and scream “screw all these” but deep down I know I could not afford to do that. Nevertheless I am still proud of myself that I did not drop out and successfully completed my four years of studies.

I hated showering in the morning. Therefore I disliked morning classes. Early morning, I walked to my class from my hostel, staring at my lecturer, thinking what to eat during lunch break, checking social media with my phone, waiting for class to be over.

We are living in the society that end results are more important the experience we learnt as we go through the process. Therefore I did not care about the present and I want these small things to end because I was fed up with studies.

The late politician Frank A. Clark once mentioned everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. I wish I knew this earlier.

I may not like what I had, but I certainly missing everything I hated doing. Compared to what I am facing now, life was so much easier and simpler.

2. I miss the people in campus.

I miss seeing the same faces every day, especially my classmates and lecturers. Funny but I even miss seeing the staff in the offices, the aunty and uncle who works in the restaurants, and those people that you see in the campus and know their face but not their name.

As for the classmates, if you are reading this “Hey, do not hesitate to open chat with me in Facebook or WhatsApp me even if we have not talked to each other in ages.”

3. I miss having long holiday breaks.

Being a student is a full time job, only without getting paid. Your job responsibilities include doing your homework, submit your assignment, and attending examination. Once all this are over, you will be given a two to four months of holiday.

However, the reality is not a wonderland. When you are employed, you should be thankful if you are lucky to be given two weeks off a year. If I could turn back time, I would certainly make the most of the school break, instead of complaining that the break was too long and boring.

4. I miss what it feels like not to worry.

Fresh out of University, I have no idea about the future. “Will I get a job?” “How am I going to get a job?” These thoughts are terrifying. We may have goals and dream, but no one have any idea where their future leads. Not to mention all the baggage that comes with end of student life such as paying for student loans, bills and monthly expenses.

Even if you are a student, you would know that your education ended when you have completed your studies. While I was a student, I was blessed that my parents give me allowance. I do not have to pay for electricity bill, petrol, and my own food.

Enjoy your last moments of University before you experience the reality. The real world could be scary but we are all the writer of our future and we certainly have the power to write a good story for our life.