15 Everyday Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re An Incredibly Indecisive Person


1. Each day for you will be different. Each day you will feel differently. Some days, more or less, and some days – you will feel nothing at all. Not just about people but about everything.

2. There is a real anxiety attached to this back-and-forth nature of yours. You need people in your life that need to be there for you and accept that part of you and along the way, they need to understand that they don’t need to understand it. They simply need to love you.

3. Loving anyone deeply can be a challenge because your mind is never quite sure and neither is your heart.

4. You laugh at contradictions because you are one.

5. The greatest strength of your fickle-mindedness is that you know nothing is ever permanent even when it feels so, very final.

6. The finality of a decision rolling off your tongue often tastes bitter and the thought of obligations make you cringe.

7. You are fully aware that you may not be able to change what you have done but you can change what you will choose to do in the future. This fills you with an indestructible bout of optimism.

8. When you finally decide to pledge your loyalty to someone or something – it is a promise you make and it is a promise you keep.

9. You know the power of a promise and it is the most painful part of being indecisive. You are not naive to the negative consequences your personality can provoke.

10. You believe in second chances and you give them, but if someone chooses to take advantage of your forgiving nature, you are quite decisive in the fact that they will no longer be a part of your life.

11. People’s kindness towards your indecisive nature is like a confusing breath of fresh air. You breathe it in but are expecting it to be poisoned. You often doubt people’s courteousness when it comes to what you believe is your greatest flaw.

12. The world has told you that changing your mind is wrong. And the world is wrong. There may be times it can hurt people you love but your mind is always yours to change. Always.

13. When you have claimed the power of changing your mind, you know you are allowed to say “no” and you are allowed to say “yes,” whenever you choose and without giving a reason as to why you are saying it. Because there is always a reason and most of the time, a good one, but you know that can be irrelevant.

14. You are fairly open minded to new ideas and new experiences and when you’re not, it is because experience has told you to be cautious.

15. Altering your stance on something does not mean you will choose to be malicious when you change your mind but you will always make sure you are making the best decision – for you, for your loved ones, for the greater good.