This Is What Our Future Would’ve Been Like


We always talked about our future. It was always our light at the end of the tunnel. Our saving grace. Our day dream. Our home. For just us.

Our future was sunshine during foggy days. It was our cave amongst the rubble. Our cabin amongst the grizzly bears. It was our safe haven, that welcomed us with open arms every evening after work. It was our tiny apartment in a city full of skyscrapers. Our cozy retreat, blocking out the hustle and bustle of the world. Blocking out the world around us. Our future was just us two.

Our future was having a fireplace to rest our feet on after a bad winter storm.

It was having a dog to wag his tail at us when we got home. It was cooking homemade meals for the two of us, and having thirds without having to ask. Our future was fuzzy socks, pancakes for breakfast, and your record player always echoing through the walls.

It was our OCD tendencies never clashing, and it was laughing so hard until our neighbors called to shut us up. It was stuffing our faces with spaghetti and filling our stomachs with Merlot. Our future was spending nights sitting outside, knowing we’re right where we should be. It was hot tubs in the fresh snow, and cold beers always in stock.

It was fresh coffee and smiles served up for breakfast.

Our future was strolls to the local farmers market. It was fresh apples and floppy hats. Our future was holding hands at the cafe, getting identical lattes. It was making mini pumpkin pies and eating dessert before dinner. It was long conversations late at night, about our dreams and goals. It was forehead kiss day, and lingerie nights. It was summer firefly watching, road trips to cities we have never been to, and friends we haven’t met yet.

Our future was a special place. A place I went to when I missed you. A place I walked to when you were far away. It was never something I thought wouldn’t happen. It was never something I thought would end. We could’ve had it happen. It really could’ve all came true.

Sometimes, I wish it still did. And I wish we could still dream it up all over again.