15 Key Things You’ll Find Out About Him By The Way He Acts During Sex


1. If he’s a good listener. He should be paying attention to your reactions, so he knows what you like and what you don’t like. If he always does that one move you hate, then he’s not observant. That means you probably won’t get the birthday gift you’ve been hinting at for months.

2. If he’s lazy. Does he expect you to get on top all the time? If he won’t even lift a finger to rub your clit, then he probably won’t be helping you with the housework, either.

3. If he’s creative. Is sex the same every single time or does he occasionally shake things up? If he’s creative in bed, he’ll probably be creative when it comes to planning dates and picking out presents, too.

4. If he’s patient. Does he get fed up if it takes you too long to orgasm? If he’s impatient, then you’re going to be miserable when you’re stuck waiting on line at the bank with him or when you’re stuck in traffic.

5. If he’s romantic. Does he tell you how beautiful you are? Does he make an effort to dim the lights and put on music? If he’s not romantic early on in the relationship, that’s never going to change.

6. If he’s charismatic. The better he is at dirty talking, the better he’ll be at communicating in general. That means he won’t be afraid to express his feelings when he’s angry or upset.

7. If he’s trustworthy. If you tell him not to touch you in a certain spot, does he listen? If not, then he probably won’t respect your wishes outside of the bedroom, either.

8. If he’s responsible. Does he use condoms and make sure the door is locked before you two go to town? If you can’t trust him to roll on a rubber, then how can you rely on him to show up to dates on time and remember to text you back?

9. If he’s messy. Does he keep his junk trimmed and wash the sheets after sex? Good hygiene is always a plus. It means he probably won’t leave dishes piled up in the sink for days.

10. If he’s confident. Is he afraid to take off his clothing for you? There’s nothing wrong with being a little insecure, but if he really hates himself, there’s a chance he’ll be highly jealous, which is never a good thing.

11. If he’s selfish. Does he expect you to go down on him constantly? Or does he give oral as often as he receives it? If he only cares about himself during sex, then there’s a pretty big chance he only cares about himself in general.

12. If he’s controlling. It’s one thing if you’re into being dominated. But if he orders you around the bedroom, even though you’ve made it clear that makes you uncomfortable, then don’t be surprised when he tries to control the way you dress and do your make-up.

13. If he’s adventurous. When you mention one of your kinks, does he tell you how weird you are? If he makes you feel like crap about your fantasies, then he clearly doesn’t care about your feelings.

14. If he’s any fun. Does he tease you in between kisses or look stone-faced all the way through? If he’s more serious than playful, you have to decide if that’s the type of guy you want to be with. After all, a sense of humor is important.

15. If he really likes you. Does he make sure you’re comfortable and completely turned on? Does he look you in the eyes while thrusting? Does he make you feel beautiful? If so, then he’s probably going to stick around, because he likes you as much as you like him.