I’m Sick And Tired Of The Double Standards Of Sex


Something is definitely wrong with society. When a guy goes home with a new girl, he is immediately thrown high fives! But as soon as a girl picks up a guy and goes home with him, nobody wants to touch her?

And even more, if a girl says “no” over a billion times, she is “no fun,” she is too “goodie-goodie” and a “creed.” Except, when girls say “yes” more than often, and want sex just as much as guys do, you call us sluts?

Don’t get me wrong, guys get judged all the time. No one is denying the harshness men are treated with. Everyone automatically assumes all guys are a**holes because the ones that actually are, ruined it for the rest of them.

My point is, we are the ones always under the spotlight due to the “double-standard,” something men rarely suffer from. It’s no wonder girls are afraid to admit they like or want sex. Nothing we say or do is ever “right.”

I am a lady by how I treat you, not by how I dress. I am not ashamed because you think I make “bad choices.” I will learn from my own faults instead of from what you think are “mistakes.”

Ladies, maybe some of you have only been with one man or none at all. You are the girl who is not always hooking up with someone at parties. Perhaps at times, you find yourself completely alone. Good for you. Be proud that you are not desperate and have standards.

For those of you who like to have fun, don’t let anyone stop you. You are not breaking the proper code for women. You are breaking absurd stereotypes. You are not “easy” if you say yes to him. You are strong for making your own choices.

We have all (even men) got into bed with that one person we regret. I’m not going to lie, I have too, and it broke my heart. Sex is scary. But it is also beautiful.

Don’t let the one who was wrong for you, keep you from finding the one who is right.

Never say “f*ck it” and do what will actually be real mistakes.

If you are the girl who would rather wait, don’t let anyone rush you. If you are the girl who has the confidence to go for it, don’t let anyone hold you back. How you feel about sex, has got nothing to do with how others think you should feel about it.

Because the more you try to change, the one who is searching for you and who will love you for exactly how you are, will never be able to find you.