15 People React To The Idea Of Having Sex With A Super Realistic Robot


Robots are quickly becoming more and more lifelike. In one recent experiment, a shockingly realistic 5’6″ brunette robot named Actroid F was mistaken for an actual woman by roughly half of study participants. Perhaps more interestingly, several people have admitted that they’d characterize Actroid F as “sexy.” Which begs the question: Would you have sex with a robot? We asked 15 people to share their honest thoughts about the prospect of getting busy between the sheets with an android.

1. “I love the idea of fucking a robot. Why not?! Seems like a genius way to get your rocks off without technically cheating, right?”

— Henry, 32

2. “One day I bet it’ll be socially acceptable for everyone to design their very own robot sex slave. In that case, what if your significant other designs theirs in the likeness of an ex, or some coworker they desperately want to bang? This whole A.I. sex thing is going to change the dialogue dramatically. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.”

— Eva, 28

3. “I have a feeling robot sex isn’t going to be a phenomenon my generation gets to experience. Hypothetically, though, the idea gives me the freaking chills. It’s hard enough to stay faithful as it is. Robots throw a whole new kind of temptation into the mix.”

— Dominick, 35

4. “I don’t know what I’d do without my five vibrators, which are all technically machines. So essentially I’m already having sex with low-tech robots. I definitely wouldn’t say no to an upgrade.”

— Tia, 27

5. “I’m guessing the divorce rate will plummet the day every married person, including myself, can diddle some high-tech android on the side. Can’t be mad at that.”

— Emma Louise, 36

6. “Once you introduce robot sex into the equation, we’re all going to have to rethink what cheating even is. I mean, if it’s impossible to differentiate between humans and robots, what’s the difference between sleeping with a fellow human versus a robot? And does it matter? I know I’d do it. It might be weird at first, but everything is.”

— Meg, 25

7. “It’s an interesting idea. I don’t really consider porn all that healthy, but robot sex seems different. Is it, though? This is a mind fuck of a question.”

— Larry, 26

8. “Like anything, I think it depends heavily on the individual involved. Porn isn’t a problem for people who can separate fantasy from reality, and I’d argue that most people can. A lot of people can also do heroin once in a while without getting addicted. So it depends on an individual’s constitution. Personally, I don’t think I could indulge in robot action without getting fixated on it because I have an addictive personality.”

— Daryl, 30

9. “Not everyone has an easy time socializing, let alone dating . Some of us go months on end without connecting to other people emotionally or sexually, which can be really lonely. If robots can make us feel less lonely and more sexually satisfied, I think that’s a really positive thing.”

— Fred, 23

10. “I think robot sex sounds detached, degrading, and revolting, but it might be the answer to our overpopulation problem. If men and women have the option to have sex with robots, we can really tackle the problem of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies throughout the world. That’s a good thing, so I’m for it.”

— Nolan, 28

11. “We all waste so much time dating and romancing each other and blah blah blah usually because we just need to get laid. Being able to bone a robot would save us all a lot of time.”

— Rick, 29

12. “I’d like to think that good sex is rooted in a solid emotional connection, but if a robot is high-tech enough, it might be possible to connect with it. In which case, I’d go there.”

— Tara, 24

13. “When I watch porn, I don’t think I’m indulging a fantasy. I’m just using a cheat code for the sake of efficiency. Fucking a robot seems like a next-level shortcut and it could really affect our ability empathize, which is dangerous.”

— Erik, 27

14. “I see two potential consequences here. Robot sex will either lead people to obsess over realizing all their darkest, innermost sexual fantasies, or sate people’s carnal desires and put them at ease. It’s hard to tell wether it would be helpful or harmful to society overall. As for me, I think I’d have to at least try it.”

— Sarita, 32

15. “My feeling is that robot sex sounds hot as hell. Bring it, baby.”

— Bob, 21