16 Reasons Every Girl Needs At Least One Guy Best Friend


Sure having girl friends is a necessity and hanging with the guys can’t compare to a night out with the girls but having at least one guy best friend is a must. Other than the awkward comments on if you two are dating or if he’s into you, it’s a friendship that can last a lifetime and here’s why.

1. They are protective. Its like having an older brother, they always have your back.

2. You can make dirty jokes without it being weird. They won’t judge you and will laugh with you.

3. You can let out your inner dude. You’re basically one of the guys when you are around him and don’t need to act like a “girl.”

4. You can let loose. You’re always care free with him and don’t have to second guess things.

5. Relationship advice. You can finally have the inside scoop on relationships from a guys point of view.

6. Its not a big deal to have him over. Your parents love him and don’t question your friendship.

7. They are completely honest. Even if its not something you want to hear they will always tell you the truth.

8. They get along with your brothers. Yeah you may already have brothers but he’s basically an addition to the family and your brothers except it. Sometimes you think they are closer than you two are.

9. You act like you hate each other. You play pranks on each other, call each other mean things, say you hate each other, but when its time to leave you always say I love you.

10. You don’t care if you annoy him. You’ll send 11 texts in a row and don’t really care if he’s busy.

11. He doesn’t bring drama in your life. You rarely fight because you always just seem to be on the same page and he doesn’t overthink things.

12. He listens. Whether you got your heart broken, you’re stressed, or just need someone to vent to; he is always there to listen and give advice.

13. Phone conversations. Whether its texting or over the phone you never have a boring conversation and he’s always down to talk about anything.

14. He’s down for whatever. No matter what crazy idea comes into your heads, he’s always down for it.

15. He makes you laugh. Even on the worst days he somehow always knows what to say to bring a smile to your face.

16. He’s a best friend. He has your back and you have his and in the end that’s all you need.