15 Signs That You And Your Roommate Are Basically Kimmy Schmidt And Titus Andromedon


Feel free to read this post while listening to the masterpiece that is “Pinot Noir.”

1. You’ve allowed each other to leave the house in some very questionable outfits.

Whether it was a dress that technically was not a dress, or a shirt that said “Baby Slut,” you guys have encouraged each other to be yourselves, even if that meant making an extremely strange wardrobe choice.

2. You complain when one of you makes the other one get up and be productive.

Especially if you’ve already done something that day… even if by “done something”  you mean that you finished an America’s Next Top Model marathon.

3. You could keep each other entertained for hours by doing something completely pointless.

Making faces at each other, dancing around the apartment, rolling around in your bed and refusing to do anything. Name it, you guys have done it.

4. Living together has allowed you both to embrace your… theatrical side.

When you feel like you need a night to be dramatic or ridiculous or over-the-top or all three, your roommate supports you one hundred percent.

5. You’ve spent many a night on the couch together, commiserating over how being a grown up is hard.

You guys always make each other feel way better about the fact that neither one of you has your life together.

6. There’s no obligation to hold yourselves back in front of one another.

You can literally act like complete weirdos in front of each other, and still, neither one of you will go running for the hills.

7. You balance each other out.

When one of you is feeling bummed out or pessimistic, the other one magically turns into the most positive person ever.

 8. You’re in the same financial situation.

…Meaning that you’ve shared plenty of nights together where you guys ate PB&J’s for dinner in an attempt to try to save some money.

9. You team up to avoid the landlord like the plague.

Or basically, you team up to avoid anyone or anything that’s trying to take your money.

10. There is an open agreement to compliment yourselves however the hell you want.

Your roommate will still love you, even when you feel the need to get into a self-congratulatory mood where you compliment yourself endlessly.

11. You feel more powerful when you’re together.

Having your roomie by your side makes you feel like everybody else is on your side too.

12. Sometimes, your hectic life feels like an uncomfortable harness is squeezing you around the pelvis, and when it does, you two are always there to cheer each other up.

And to remind each other that these uncomfortable experiences are only temporary.

13. You guys know how to call each other on your bull shit.

If one of you is upset and trying to hide it, or has something on your mind, the other one can sense it almost immediately.

14. You’ve picked up on each other’s weird habits.

You pretty much understand each other and know each other down to every last weird quirk that you have.

15.  You’re always ready to encourage each other at the drop of a hat.

Even if it’s with a pep talk that doesn’t quite make sense. Regardless, you’re there for each other and only want the best for one another. And there’s no better living situation than that.