5 Reasons Cheat Meals Are Good For Your Sanity


C’mon we all know America is fat and we all have eating issues whether it’s overeating or not eating at all. It’s about the Paleo diet and the juice cleanse. It used to be about the Atkins diet or the pure starvation diet. Either way, it’s always some sort of food restriction diet, but whatever it is, cheat meals are the best meals during the rough tough-love moments with our beloved diet trends. Here are some comfort reminders that cheat meals aren’t that bad.

1. Be strict, but not too strict.

We’ve all been there – reading endless online articles on what to eat, and what not to eat. We’re so keen on reading just about anything about the food we put into our body that we become experts at reading nutrition labels and eventually start counting macros every day just to make sure you get enough of all the important food and nothing of the junk. Yes, be proud because strict consumption dieting is no easy job. Our days are already tough enough with doing a good job at work, being a good husband, wife, son, daughter, and etc. At the end of the day or week or whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, it’s ok to treat yourself but just don’t go bat-shit crazy and eat a whole tub of ice cream like I do. Giving yourself a little doesn’t make you a failure -it makes you human.

2. You’re still human.

It’s great being human. It means you’re not a robot. It means being forgiving of yourself and it’ll be okay. Life is pretty long and there are other things going against you already, so don’t be your own enemy. I mean, you’re trying to lead a healthier life right? Or get that prettier body? Or trying to get that hottie in your class? Well, just remember all of these things are things that would ultimately make you happier, right? A cheat meal is the same thing — it’s there to make you happier. It’s not there to break you. Cheat meals are made to remind you that you’re human.

3. The struggle is real – stop the hangry in you.

There will be times where the struggle is real and you’re at your wits’ end and you’ll kill the person next to you if they won’t stop tapping their pen on the desk. Yea, you’re hangry alright. Ever sat in traffic during non-rush hour and you just want to ram your car into someone? Well eat a snicker. Like literally. Hangry usually happens when you simply feel like everything else is against you and you just don’t know why. So instead of punching the next person you see, eat something that’ll make you feel better. Its basically using food to fuel your emotion and sometimes it’s not a bad thing. Especially when it means stopping a massacre.

4. Cheat meals reminds you why you want to eat healthy.

Cheat meals provide realistic perception of the food you crave. Huh? That statement doesn’t sound like it makes sense but it does. For example, it’s like that ex you broke up with who was a total asshole to you. But after a month of the break up, you start missing him because you fantasize how good it used to be. Then you start finding reasons why the relationship wasn’t so bad and maybe, just maybe, you two can work it out. So you go back to your ex, and after a week, or even the first snappy comment you receive, you remember why you broke up in the first place. That’s what a cheat meal is like – it reminds you why you’ve stopped eating that shit. There are better foods out there for you.

5. It keeps you looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s good to have cheat meals for short-term progress and long-term goals. Set daily, weekly and final goals with your food so that you have something to look forward to. Whether it’s having a burger on your wedding day or even just a Gatorade at the end of your run. These small treats make your dieting journey achievable and fun. Let your cheat meal be your beacon of hope that you can endure the food restriction and calorie-counting days. Again, a cheat meal is about having a small snack, a treat, not the whole tub of ice cream. Unless the whole tub of ice cream is your ultimate cheat-meal at your goal line then go for it!