15 Simple Moments That Are Way More Enjoyable When You Put Your Phone Away


We are all addicted to our phones for so many reasons: work, friends, social media or dating apps…but there are times when you should completely put your phone away to relish the moment and savor the experience. Here are a few examples.

1. When you are trying to make a life-changing decision. Whether moving to another country, taking a new job, or trying to determine where you stand with someone, your phone will only cloud your thoughts and your judgments, and may lead you to make a hasty decision.

2. When you are not feeling good about yourself. If you are at your lowest and you start scrolling down on social media, it will not make you feel any better. That would actually be the ideal time to avoid it and spare yourself the risk of falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others.

3. After a breakup. Your phone and your heart will tempt you to text your ex, or stalk them, or call them after a night of drinking. Keeping your phone away is going to help you move on faster while maintaining your sanity.

4. When someone is asking you something. Doesn’t matter if they’re a friend or stranger, asking for advice or asking for directions. It is rude and also slightly annoying when someone is asking you for something and you are distracted by something else-your phone.

5. On a date. When you are still getting to know someone or when you are enjoying someone’s company, you really need to put your phone away and just try to make the best out of these few hours. The texts, whatsapps, snapchats & facetimes can wait!

6. When you need a break. Mentally and emotionally or just a break from people and life. We are all overwhelmed one way or another, and being connected to our phones only add to our daily stress. Keep your phone away when you need some alone time to reflect on your life. Look up to the sky not down at your screen.

7. When you are dancing. At the club or at a concert. Dancing liberates the body and the soul. Lose your phone when you dance so you can lose yourself to the beat.

8. At the beach. The beach is the therapy nature has freely granted you. If you really listen to the soothing sound of the waves and fix your eyes on the peaceful shades of blue, you can truly heal yourself and find answers to your questions. Ones you won’t be able to find on your phone or on twitter.

9. When you are visiting your grandparents. Instead of spending more time on your phone, try listening to their stories, their memories, how times were different back then. Learn from their experience, their wisdom and their knowledge. These are priceless times that your phone should not take away.

10. On a vacation. The vacation is the perfect time to unwind and disconnect from the usual day to day. Key word-disconnect. How do you plan on disconnecting if you are still connected to your phone?

11. During a work meeting. There are a lot of ways to screw up at work, don’t let using your phone in a meeting be another number on the list. Put it away and try to get some work done.

12.  At the gym. Unless you are using to listen to music, do not even look at it. Look around you to get inspired by the people who are pushing their physical limits and maybe try to pushing yourself too.

13. At the movies. You didn’t pay $15 to keep checking your phone in the middle of the movie. Give your phone a break for 2 hours and truly pay attention to the movie

14.  When you are hanging out with kids. Kids give us a glimpse of our innocence and our childhood. Embrace this time to play with them and be silly or goofy. Letting the kids play with your phone is not really the idea of fun.

15. When driving or crossing the street. Stating the obvious, but the majority of us don’t even comply with the safety rules anymore. We are always texting when we are driving, or checking our phones as we cross the street putting our lives at risk.