15 Small Gestures To Make For Yourself (Because You’re Damn Worth It)


1. Take your time. With yourself, your daily activities, your healing process.

2. Lose yourself in a novel or pick up an inspiring self-help book.

3. Fight the sadness by chasing endorphins through a tough workout.

4. And push yourself beyond your threshold of physical discomfort, because you CAN do that extra rep. You CAN do it.

5. Make your bed every morning. Because if nothing else goes right that day, at least you had the courage to face the day and complete that small task.

6. Pet a fluffy dog or cuddle with your cat. Take heart in knowing animals aren’t capable of holding grudges or inflicting pain intentionally.

7. Form a habit of writing everyday—whether it’s a journal entry or a jotting down a passing creative thought. Translate the raw emotions into words and then let them go.

8. Build a playlist specific to how you’re feeling and label it accordingly. Sadgirl jamz and badgirl jamz are a few of my personal favorites.

9. Dance in your room like no one’s watching. Or sing in the car even IF people are watching. It sounds silly, but getting lost in the music is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself.

10. Purchase a service for yourself that will make you feel physically well and put-together. Be that a manicure, a facial, massage, or a hair trim.

11. Go for a walk outside if the conditions allow. Feel every sensation that you encounter—the sun hitting your face and the air dancing across your skin.

12. Buy a plant and keep it near your working space. Keep it as a close reminder that—just like you—you must keep tending to it to keep it alive and flourishing.

13. Don’t waste time worrying about how others would react in your position—you are right to feel the way you feel, but do not let it consume you.

14. Find solace in knowing that you will come out of this rut stronger than you were in it. You will grow through what you go through.

15. Love every ounce of yourself. Everybody on this Earth is imperfect, and if you’re willing to see past someone’s imperfection, then your love is a blessing that someone will one day deserve.