The Feelings I Miss Most From Before The Pandemic


The feeling of unshakable grogginess that could only come from shuffling around the airport before the sun has started to rise.

The feeling of elation when the grogginess fades and is replaced by the approaching reality of your new destination.

The feeling of jitters right before takeoff when you realize you’re about to sit in a flying hunk of metal for hours.

The feeling of walking around your hotel room in nothing but a towel after a warm shower.

The feeling of basking in the newness yet familiarity of a hotel room with someone you love.

The feeling of finally agreeing to a night out with friends when you’ve said no so many times before.

The feeling of desperation and excitement sorting through your closet to find the perfect “going out” outfit.

The feeling of finally settling on an outfit so the pregame festivities can commence.

The feeling of liquid courage trickling warmly down your throat.

The feeling of the energy and bad decisions surging through your body that will carry you unto the rest of the night.

The feeling of giddiness that provokes a few “look at me” Instagram stories.

The feeling of a really good hug from someone you love which reminds you of why hugs are so great.

The feeling of a relative’s cheek embracing yours as you greet them with a kiss.

The feeling of marveling at people marveling at the art in a museum, because their reaction is part of the experience too.

The feeling of walking through a museum exhibit with no particular pace or hurry.

The feeling of being completely overtaken by the immeasurable beauty and stillness of a painting.

The feeling of not wanting that feeling to end.

The feeling of friendly office hellos, email banter, and casual water cooler talk.

The feeling of waking up on a weekend morning with no plans in a city full of possibilities.

The feeling of heat emanating from the sardine-packed bodies in a bar on a weekend night.

The feeling of hearing “your song” being played at a bar and busting into a choppy rendition of it with your friends.

The feeling of hot sand filling in the little crevices between your toes.

The feeling of carefree summers on the beach with your best friends.

The feeling of satisfaction after visiting a new coffee shop or restaurant.

The feeling of certainty and a clear vision of the future.