15 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Seriously Stop Complaining About


1. Your job.

A lot of jobs are terrible and tedious, I know. And no one I know (at least not anyone sane) adores working in retail. But, you have to think of each job you have as a stepping stone to where you want to be. Think of each job you have as an opportunity to learn more skills and to gain more experience.

2. Your lack of money.

You complain about your lack of money, yet…you’re going out on the weekends and wasting your paycheck on drinks? You’re going to more than one happy hour per week? And you just bought a puppy? Think long and hard about how you are spending your money and make yourself a budget (and please actually stick to it).

3. Your boredom.

It’s amazing how many times I hear people talking about bored they are in just a day. People, there are things you can actually do that isn’t just ‘Netflix and chilling’. Do something useful with your free time. Volunteer at a local pound. Visit your parents or catch up with childhood friends. Do some community service in your neighborhood. You don’t have to always be stuck home alone, complaining to yourself about how much your life sucks.

4. Your parents.

We are adults now for god’s sake. Stop complaining about how much your parents suck and start appreciating them. They gave you the gift of life, didn’t they?

5. Being tired.

I say ‘I’m tired’ probably five times a day without really doing anything about it. We’ve all got to try to get some sleep because no one is going to give you any sympathy at work just because you only got four hours of sleep.

6. Your past mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We all fuck up. We all hurt people without meaning to. We all say things we shouldn’t. And we all regret things that we have done years ago. But we all need to grow up and move past it. It’s ok to have flaws. We are human beings, not robots.

7. Your friendships.

If you are staying friends with someone who is making you miserable, I don’t feel sorry for you. You have got to take control of your life and your relationships and cut ties with people who treat you like crap.

8. Your relationship status.

We get it, you’re single and you’re mad about it. We get it, you’re in a relationship and you’re upset about it. But, to be quite blunt, you put yourself in this situation, so now is the time to do something about it in order to be happy again.

9. Your failures.

I know that failure isn’t something anybody wants to go through because it really, really sucks. But, failure makes you humble. Failure makes you try harder. And failure is inevitable for everyone. So try to look at the bright side of things and learn something from this. Turn your failures into a success story.

10. Your entire life.

If you hate your life so much, you don’t have to inform us all about it. Just please do something about it. Make a change. Talk to someone. Don’t stay stagnant if you are unhappy. Better yourself and do things that bring you joy and self-compassion.

11. Where you live.

Stop wasting time complaining about where you live, and start researching about where you want to go next. You don’t have to stay where you are. You don’t have to stay at your parent’s house. You can travel, and backpack through Europe, or take London by storm. Whatever you do, take action instead of staying miserable at a place that you hate.

12. The weather.

See number 11.

13. Your hardships.

We all suffer. We all have had trauma in our lives and tragedy. But complaining about it over and over again isn’t going to do your self-esteem or your self-image any good. Try to pour that negative energy into something tangible. Into something that is positive and healthy.

14. Your failed dreams.

You are still so, so young. If one dream already has failed, who says you can’t try again? This is the age where we are allowed to start over. This is the age where we are allowed to be reborn.

15. Your bank statements.

I know it’s so easy to spend money on useless things and to spend way too much on a weekend or vacation. But, you need to think about your priorities and how you want to live your life in the future. Be more frugal and only spend your money on necessities with a splash of fun here and there.