15 Things You Learn When Your Parents Are Getting Divorced


1. You will come to learn that several people are simply curious about what is occurring within your life. These individuals are on the hunt for an intriguing story they can later pass on. While others will truly have a vested interest in your personal wellbeing. It is vital to recognize the difference.

2. With that saying, you will eventually come to realize who is worth keeping around and who is purely negative energy. When you learn this, appreciate the positive people you have in your life. Keep all of your supportive friends and family close. Distance yourself from the ones that do not have your best interest in mind.

3. Most likely, you will not want your friends to inform other individuals about your impending family issues. But they might. People are always going to talk, and you will have to learn to deal with this gracefully.

4. Music will always be there for you when no one else is.

5. The only individuals, who can truly understand what you are experiencing, are those who have gone through a similar situation themselves. As much as some people would like to be there for you, they will simply not be able to fully understand or relate to how you’re really feeling.

6. It will always be awkward when people feel as if it is their place to ask about your parent’s current situation. In all honesty, I think these people should really quit while they’re ahead, and perhaps focus on minding their own business. But nodding and smiling at them will also suffice as a valid response.

7. It is going to hurt to see your parents grow apart, especially after viewing them as a team for so long. It will be painful to watch the only love you’ve ever known break apart. It is going to make you question the idea of marriage. The whole situation will have you wondering, does love ever really last?

8. Your parents will ask you questions to try and gain information about each another. They may make slights at one other in the middle of having a discussion with you. I am still learning how to deal with this. Watching the people who raised you, act so cynical and accusatory towards their former significant other, is something I’m not sure anyone can get entirely used to.

9. Witnessing someone else’s parent’s work so well together will cause you to experience a feeling of hope, as well as glimmers of sadness. It is one of those bittersweet experiences.

10. Being around another family that is extremely close, and watching interact will make you question why yours could never seem to get along so smoothly.

11. Pursue a hobby. A healthy distraction. Something that will put your mind at ease. Writing helps me break free from reality, and I consider it my saving grace.

12. It is okay to cry. And it’s okay to be happy. It is also okay not to know what to feel. There are so many emotions that come along with experiencing a divorce. You are entitled to feel all of them.

13. You cannot fix this and it is not your job to hold the family together. Try to stay calm, and strive to rise above the stress.

14. Learn from this situation. Grow from it. You are not your parents, and not all relationships fail.

15. Stay positive. There is so much more love in the world than you know.