I Fucking Love Myself


Say it with me, I love myself.

I love myself enough to stand up for what I believe in.

I love myself enough to treat my body well.

I love myself enough to love others in return.

I love myself enough to accept every emotion that flows in and out of my consciousness.

I love myself enough to be kind to my mind.

I love myself enough to be the best person I can be.

I love myself enough to take the risk and follow my dreams.

I love myself. I love me. I love my existence. I love who I am today. I love who I was. I love who I am going to be.

Self-love is a revolution within itself.

We have been structured by the supremacy to forget the importance of what it means to show affection towards ourselves.

We fear being lonely but the fact is we are never alone. We have us. We have the energy that resonates within our physical bodies. We have the voice that speaks to us inside our heads. We have the capability of advocating and supporting ourselves.

We are our greatest lover, teacher, and friend. We forget how powerful we are within ourselves.

To create the reality we desire.

To experience each day with a certain perspective, one that will deliver us to moments of clarity

it’s not easy

it’s fucking hard


the more we accept ourselves in the present moment, the more we are capable of moving from our past into a future that is closer to our idealized self.

Self-love is a powerful resurrection.

Light and shadows, angles and colors, will affect the way you see yourself. Understand the random fluctuations that your body experiences every day and accept the power that you have to be more than your physical shell.

“I love myself”

the most powerful revolution ever.