15 Trendy Things People Love To Hate (That I’ll Never Stop Loving)


1. High Waisted Shorts

You may call them “Mom Jeans”—but we call them the HOLY GRAIL of short shorts. Seriously, what’s not to like? They cover up our food babies and show off our asses. Don’t have an ass? You will in high waisted shorts. You can make your own out of jeans you found at Good Will or sell your soul for a pair from Urban Outfitters. Either way—I’ll still be wearing them at 65.

2. Tattoos

They’re fun and sexy and addicting and no, I won’t be prancing around in a bikini when I’m 60. You can say what you will about them buuuuut… I still have a money jar labeled “Future Tattoos”. DAMN I LOVE THE SMELL OF REGRET.

3. 50 Shades Of Grey

Call it Mommy Porn. Call it “Literary trash”. Are the books a little unrealistic and silly? Probably. Does it advocate male-dominance and female-submission? Ehhh…maybe a little. Did I still read all three books within a week? Hell yeah. Will I be first in line February 14th, 2015 to see the movie? HELL YEAH. #latersbaby

4. Selfies

Mirror selfies…group selfies…serious selfies…smiling selfies…#SelfieSunday… I love them all. Good hair day? Take a selfie. New outfit? Selfie. At a funeral? SELFIE TIME (kidding); but in all seriousness…if you feel confident enough today to take and share a picture of yourself—that is a beautiful thing. SELFIE ON, GIRL.

5. Health Food Stores

Take me to a Fresh Market and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. YES everything is ridiculously overpriced and YES most of it isn’t actually THAT much better for you than stuff from a regular grocery store but come on—you can’t deny that you instantly feel better about yourself when walking through their doors. Everyone is smiling and you leave wanting to go vegan and start doing yoga (and wishing you weren’t a broke college student.) #FITGIRL #CLEANEATING #HEALTHYLIVING

6. Taking Pictures of Your Food

The ratio of food pictures to regular pictures on my Instagram is about 567 to 1. You can’t give me a Pinterest-worthy plate and expect me to NOT snap a picture of it. My food is prettier than me AND 9 times out of 10…my food gets more likes than me. So if you don’t like Food Porn—just unfollow me, okay?

7. Justin Bieber

So he’s a little cocky now and then and gets in trouble with the law regularly and uploads more pictures on Instagram than anyone I follow—YEAH, SO WHAT??? I will never delete “One Time” from my IPod. Ever. #BELIEBERFOREVER

8. Chick Flicks

I don’t care how cheesy the plot is—if it’s a love story, I’m crying. So what if they’re pretty much all completely over the top and unrealistic. The more dramatic, the better. Anything Nicholas Sparks? GOOD GAWD. The Notebook, specifically? DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. IF YOU’RE A BIRD I’M A BIRD *Kim K tears*.

9. The Kardashian/Jenners

No one is really sure why they’re famous and they’re all completely spoiled and over-the-top (Kylie uploaded a picture of her new bracelets that cost more than my college education)—but I’m still watching the new episodes religiously and practicing my pursed-lips-and-squinty-eyed selfie face in the mirror. Oh, and I might’ve paid 50 dollars for a cotton DASH t-shirt. JUDGE AWAY.

10. Starbucks

They charge 5 times what coffee should cost and their menu is so confusing (tall = small…? It’s a mystery). Still though—do I make time every morning before class to go order my 7-dollar-Venti-Iced-Coffee-With-Soy-Milk-And-An-Extra-Shot? You’re damn right, I do.

11. Country Music

Do I really need to explain why I love to listen to music about getting beer-drunk and falling in love on a truck tailgate?

12. Spray Tans

Spray tans might be my one true love. What’s NOT to love about being able to get a summer level tan in the middle of the winter? Besides being sort-of weirdly orange and smelly for a few hours. Oh, yeah – and having hands that look permanently dirty for a few days. OH and how they sweat off in random places on your body leaving you looking like a leopard. Sometimes all these set backs make me reconsider my choice to continue getting them but then I remember what my pale face is like. Tan is forever, just call me Snooks.

13. Chipotle

Steak bowl with black beans and veggies and mild and hot salsa and sour cream and guac and cheese. Actually, throw some extra guac on that shit today ‘cuz I’m feeling crazy. And the CHIPS dear god the chips. Salty little triangles of heaven. It’s the best I’m-On-My-Period food. It’s the best I’m-Super-Hungover-Food. It’s the best I’ll-Start-My-Diet-Tomorrow food. IT. IS. LIFE. People love to hate on it and claim it’s “not that good”, or the WORST of the WORST: “Qdoba is better”. You people are wrong and I’m gonna go stuff my face now.

14. Girly Drinks

Fruity drinks, bitch drinks, whatever you wanna call them… they win in every category. They are yummy and refreshing AND they get you drunk without gagging. You can barely taste the alcohol either so they always make for an interesting night. Plus they usually have really cute names and are brightly-colored. Who doesn’t like that?

15. Boy Bands

Whether it’s the 2000’s groups or modern day, boy bands are a beautiful thing. They are all sexy, one or more usually have a foreign accent, and their songs are catchy as hell. If you can look me in the face and tell me you don’t sing along (and do the hand motions from the video) when you hear Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC- YOU ARE A LIAR. Come on, I know you all have a boy band fantasy. AND WHEN YOU STARE AT THE GROUND IT AINT HARD TO TELL YOU DONT KNOWWWWW YOU DONT KNOW YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. Gold.