Experiencing Depression In College Is Both The Best And Worst Thing To Happen


College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. You finally have all the freedoms you could possibly want—living away from your parents, choosing your classes, eating shitty food, drinking to your hearts content, trying new things, and making yourself into whoever you want to be.

Depression can make it really hard to live the most awesome college life with the best experiences and the best times of your life.

There’s no desire to leave your bed, make friends or do your homework. There’s just emptiness and sadness all the time. You get stuck in the depths of your mind and can’t find your way out. You sever relationships, sacrifice good grades, and make poor life choices that you immediately regret once you find yourself out of the gutter.

This only happens if you let your disease take over though. There are opportunities that can help lessen the effects of depression, and allow you to have great experiences in college. But it’s all up to you and your choices.

Depression takes control of your mind. It deceives you. It lets you think that no one likes or needs you in their life, but that’s not true.

College can be the best time to take the reigns on your depression and guide yourself to a happier life. First of all, you LIVE in a building with tons of other students your age, all in the awkward first semester of college where everyone is looking for friends an acceptance… You can be WHOEVER you WANT to be. INSTANT FRIENDS!

There are many clubs on campus that allow you to find your niche, and find yourself. High school was a time where you had to conform to the select cliques offered, while in college, there is a more diverse community, filled with people that will accept you for who you are.

Colleges across the nation offer many different social opportunities for students. You just have to take that first step and go to something you find interesting!

I’m not saying depression is ever anything fun, but it’s more tolerable when you can be surrounded by people your own age, with lots of common interests, who are all in the same boat as you.

I’m also not saying that everyone’s journey will turn out like mine, but will you ever know if you don’t take the chance?

I’ve learned that to lighten my mood, even just the slightest, I have to get out of my bed, put myself together, hang with friends and work out—and at college, you’re just surrounded by people your age — utilize them.

Live and love college, don’t use it as a time to sulk in your sorrows and make your misery worse.