16 Guys On What It Really Means When They Say They’re ‘Not Ready’ For A Relationship


1. “That guy’s still looking for another girl. Or still unsure about you.” – Gerald, 22

2. “He doesn’t like you, and he’s a loser for it.” – Matt, 23

3. “It means he’s either not into you at all, or that he’s actually into someone else.” – EJ, 22

4. “There are only two sides of a coin. He’s either just got out of a really long relationship, or that he’s simply a fuckboy.” – Dominic, 20

5. “There’s a lot. Exes maybe. Finds out doesn’t want pressure, commitment and sh*t like that. Has another girl. Or is playing you.” – Nate, 24

6. “It means that he feels like he isn’t in a place in his life where he can be in a committed relationship and is currently just interested in something casual.” – Daniel, 26

7. “It actually depends on the guy’s situation. Maybe he’s a fuckboy or maybe he’s afraid to hurt you.” – Arnold, 20

8. “He’s just not that into you.” – Johann, 23

9. “It means he wants to date around. No strings attached, whatever goes, goes.” – Mark, 22

10. “Maybe the guy wants to keep his options open. Or that he’s just looking for a fling. Or he might have just gotten out of a long term relationship and isn’t ready to get into another one. There could be a variety of reasons.” – Rei, 25

11. “He’s still enjoying the single life.” – Dylan, 21

12. “No thanks.” – Steven, 23

13. “It means exactly that. Guys are surprisingly straightforward with their words.” – Alex, 25

14. “It depends. If you’re hooking up, it means he doesn’t see you as a ‘girlfriend.’ He wants to keep it casual. If not, then he’s probably really just isn’t looking into anything serious right now.” – Jay, 27

15. “Maybe he’s just got out of a serious relationship. Or maybe he’s not certain about what the next step in life is so he doesn’t want to get attached to anyone.” – Adam, 24

16. “He just doesn’t like the girl.” – MJ, 22