Read This If You’re At The End Of Your Rope And Ready To Give Up


At some point, life will be difficult and situations will be unacceptable. Decision making process will become blurry and you will find yourself short-sighted. You will start to think of the easiest ways out and consider them as real options. But I need you to remember about the more important things in life.

Remember about the times in your life you felt carefree and undeniably happy. Remember about the times in your life you didn’t have to worry about anything else except yourself. You can get there again. Only now, it just seems like nothing is in their right places. Everything is so messed up you don’t even really know how you got yourself here. You didn’t use to be like this. You used to smile a lot more. You used to laugh a lot more. You used to care about strangers more. You used to have more…be more. Well, surprise, surprise but life isn’t actually that easy. Not for most, at least. And if there’s anything you’re going to want to learn now is that you just have to deal with it. You have to accept the fact that life isn’t the same. You have to accept the fact that you’re not the same person you were back in high school. And it probably will keep on changing. Change with it. But remember about what’s really important here. Everything else you used to have…that’s not going to come back. But you – you will always be here. And you can choose what version of yourself you want to keep through every change. But you have to fight for it. You can keep your dignity. You can keep your principles. You can keep all the right things. Just keep on fighting. Because that’s what’s important – that you fight. You have to keep on believing that there are better days for those who work hard and fight through all the bad in life. The people who love you and the good things in you – remember how much they mean to you. These are the real important things – not the fact that nothing is the way you want them to be. If you keep on fighting for the right reasons and for the right people, then you’ll learn soon enough that life will constantly throw you lemons but that it’s not going to matter anymore. Because you have the power to keep the most wonderful things in life – character, love and wisdom.  You only think you lost total control of your life, but not really – not these things.

You will fight because others need you to fight too. There are others…many…who are just like you…on the verge of giving up. But they need to know that there is someone out there who will fight. Be one of them fighters. Fight for yourself and fight for others.