16 Ladies Reveal The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Told In Bed


1. “I told him the usual. That he was the best I’ve ever had. Of course, I’ve said that to every guy that ever got me naked, and it was only true once.” — Lily, 27

2. “I always lie about my number. Boys don’t like to know you’re in the double digits, which is bullshit, but I don’t like being slut shamed so I usually throw out a fake number.” — Taylor, 29

3. “I told my boyfriend that I never talk to my friends about our sex life. Meanwhile, they know every place we’ve ever done it and every toy we’ve ever used. What can I say? I like to gossip.” — Donna, 28

4. “I always tell my husband how big his penis is. It’s only average, though.” — Alexa, 24

5. “I swore to him that I’ve never thought about anyone else during sex. But it happens. Not all the time. Only occasionally. But I mean, I’m human. I’m sure he does the same thing.” — Ginger, 22

6. “I’m not as flexible as my boyfriend thinks. Some of the positions he throws me into hurt like hell. I end up sore for the rest of the day — and not the good kind of sore. But I act like I’m fine, because we’re still in the early stages and I want to seem fun.” — Amanda, 26

7. “Okay, so the guy I’m currently seeing asked me about my kinks and I left a lot of them out. I didn’t want to scare him away. But if things get serious between us, I’ll definitely open up to him. Otherwise, I’m only hurting myself.” — Elizabeth, 23

8. “I mean, I’ve faked an orgasm or two in my time. Does that count?” — Cami, 28

9. “I told an ex the sex was amazing when it wasn’t even decent. Big mistake. He ended up doing the same shitty things every time we had sex after that night, because he thought I liked them. Never gonna lie about that again.” — Max, 22 

10. “I tell everyone my tits are real. It’s not like I’m embarrassed about them. But some people are total assholes when they find out I’ve had surgery so I just act like they’re natural to save myself the trouble.” — Ashlee, 27

11. “I once told a guy that I watched porn all the time in order to look cool or something. But, really, I can’t remember the last time I saw a porno. Not into it. Too fake. Doesn’t turn me on even a little bit.” — Karen, 21

12. “I always tell him how much I love the taste of his cum, which is a total lie. I mean, I don’t hate it. But it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. I just tell him I love it because it turns him on.” — Olga, 30

13. “For some reason, my ex was weird about masturbation. Like, he wanted to be the only one to make me orgasm — but he didn’t even know how. So of course I masturbated. It was the only way I got off. But I kept it a secret from him so he wouldn’t freak.” — Dani, 27

14. “For years, my boyfriend thought I loved anal, because I was trying to be the cool girl when I first met him. Eventually, I had to come clean. I wasn’t going to keep letting him in the back door every night like he wanted. It was getting out of hand.” — Candice, 25

15. “I told this guy back in high school that I wasn’t on the pill, even though I was, because I wanted to convince him to use a condom. Sorry, but I don’t want any STDs.” — Sasha, 23

16. “I don’t lie to my boyfriend about sex. About anything, actually. Doesn’t sound healthy to me.” — Kaylie, 26