I’m Scared That This New Love Won’t Last


Look outside the window, I am waving to you,
Pull your red curtain aside, there is enough of that colour in my eyes already,
I called you so many times this past week,
I know you hate picking up but I missed hearing you calling my name,
I hate to be selfish the most,
but when it’s you, I want it all,

I wonder when I’m by your side,
Counting down the days we have been in love,
Can I be truthful to you at all?
I want to break down all my walls,
But you say you’re not ready to climb them yet,

I can wait, I have waited for this all my life,
I keep looking outside my life, and I see you looking back me every night,
The thought of it all actually scares me,
I have never dared to love something so much before,
Everything I ever dared to value crumbled in my arms,

But I hope if you ever turn to dust, I can store you up in my heart,
and we’ll live together all throughout eternity.
I hope I don’t overwhelm you with all my feelings,
but since I decided to fall in love with you,
I am trying the best I can to be true.

I’ll try to shine like the sun for you,
no more blue thoughts,
I’m going to try my hardest to keep my unhappiness away from your eyes,
I want to bring sunshine to your grey life,
I hope that’s alright, I hope that’s alright.