16 Things That Happen When You’re A Reformed Party Girl


1. People constantly ask you where have you been and they can’t seem to believe it when you tell them you haven’t been out for months.

2. For once you don’t have plans at weekends and you don’t even feel the need to.

3. You get used to Friday night in and are actually excited to have a good rest after a long week.

4. You’re now convinced that you would rather save money for travelling than overspending on entrance tickets and drinks.

5. You get hype at the thought of getting drunk and having fun because you haven’t done all that for so long but you are not quite sure now if you would really prefer that to your cheap Friday night in with Netflix and comfy sweatpants.

6. You get all eww at the thought of touching anyone in the club. Or the club. Or too loud music. Or the smell of alcohol. Or sweaty drunk guys. You suddenly get embarrassed having randomly kissed strangers. Eww. How could you do that?

7. When you go home late on a Saturday night and see happy, loud drunk people, you have mixed feelings of both wanting to get dressed, go wild immediately and relief that you are not that girl who has vomit all over herself.

8. You have no idea how you could actually wear a mini skirt when it’s so cold outside because now even two trousers are not quite warm enough.

9. You have no idea how you could actually walk on killer heels all night while being cold and drunk because now even kitten heels for job interviews hurt your feet.

10. You kind of stop looking at the dress and high heels section when you go shopping. Jeans and sweatshirts are now your first choices.

11. You wonder what your ex-party-friends are up to now. Wait. You realize you have lost most (or even all) of your party friends.

12. You believe you are officially an old soul.

13. You enjoy seeing people’s reactions when you reveal to them about your wild past and how you’ve calmed down and matured up now. It’s almost like a wow factor to this current good girl image of you. It’s actually pretty fun.

14. It feels like you’ve passed that experimenting phase and become more balanced. You don’t mind staying indoors and are definitely up for getting down once in a while but you no longer have pressure or get too carried away. You are confident that you can have a good time no matter what you do.

15. You’re happy that you used to be a party animal because it means you have done it all and you know what it’s like. It also makes you more accepting and open-minded. No regrets.

16. You miss partying but no, you don’t really miss partying. It’s cool. You are cool.