17 Things That Happen When You’re BFFs With Your Friend’s Parents


1.  You understand your friend in a way that other people don’t. You just sort of “get” why they are the way they are because you know the people who raised them.

2. You’re invited to all the family outings and all the Holiday gatherings. And to be perfectly honest, sometimes their family gatherings sound more appealing that your own.

3. If you live close, you have been known to stop by at the house for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and without your friend being there.

4. You know their number by heart because they will most likely be your second call were you to ever be in an emergency and your parents don’t pick up.

5. You’ve felt super awkward at times when your friend makes low-key uncomfortable comments in the form of jokes where say claim their parents like you more than them.

6. Your parents have definitely called you out on spending more time with the BFFs parents than with them. (Which is really only true in their imagination.)

7. You have inside jokes between you and your friend’s parents that not even your friend is privy to.

8. They never fail to get you a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, and once in a while even though you’re a grown-ass adult, they still send you care packages.

9. You text them randomly like you would your parents, just to see what they’ve been up to and to let them know what you’ve been up to.

10. You always help them figure out the perfect gift for your friend, or plan out any surprise activities for the family.

11. When you have big news, they are definitely one of the first people you call to inform about what’s happening.

12. And whenever you need advice that is from someone older than you that is not your parents, they are the first people you think of.

13. You have cried in front of them in a very parent-child way and it wasn’t weird for either of you at all.

14. You’re not always sure if you have greater loyalty to your friend or to their parents. I mean the latter are your BFFs after all.

15. You definitely feel more comfortable drinking one too many in front of your friend’s parents than you do your own. And they’ve definitely seen you less than sober more than a few times.

16. You’re friends on Facebook and you can always count on them for a pity like, no matter what.

17.You’ve actually been mistaken for being part of their family, in some shape or form. And every time it happens, it always feels like you kind of are.

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