17 People Answer The Question, ‘If They’re Really The One, Shouldn’t The Relationship Be Easy?’


We asked, and you guys answered! Below are the best responses.

“I wouldn’t say things should necessarily be easy, because nothing in life is simple, however things should come naturally. definitely shouldn’t have to try hard to make love last, or bend over backwards for someone who doesn’t appreciate you the way you should be — once again going back to how things should be natural. when conflict arises, the way your significant other handles your emotions and validates any concerns shows a great deal about the relationship and the connection. love shouldn’t be labeled as easy, or hard. it should be a connection with two people who just understand one another – and that’s when it’s at its most beautiful point.”

“Life can be hard and relationships can present their own challenges. However, loving that person should be easy in the aspect that neither of your should ever feel anything less than a priority. You shouldn’t have to fight, beg, manipulate, etc. to feel valued as an individual or in the relationship. Even on the toughest of days, when nothing seems to be going right, you should never have to question your partners love and respect and everything you face should be as a team.”

“Been together 26 years, it takes WORK, commitment, understanding, and compromise. You will never have the exact same views on everything in life but LOVE for the other person is what makes it easier to deal with the difference of opinions. We only freely forgive people we love. Same concept is what makes a family a family.”

“It’s always easy at the beginning and gets harder. The thing is life happens and it’s hard not to let those things get in between you. But the key is how easy it is for you to put in the work of hearing the other person and feeling heard yourself. If you do that and you feel whatever it is leave you and you don’t carry one little bit of it with you, that’s when you know it’s right. No one is keeping score. Nothing is building resentment. You feel heard and understood and accepted. That’s when you know it’s right and it will last through the easy and the hard times.”

“I think that when both parties are willing to exert effort in order to make love last, everything is easier.”

“You should still keep trying to get them even if you’re married. Never stop trying to woo them, even after marriage.”

“All becomes lighter and productive..all negativities gone. it is the same as saying, ‘whatever, at the end of the day it will be us again together that will share all the goodness that life can offer.’”

“Every relationship requires work…but loving someone should be effortless!!! Loving someone should come naturally and if the person is right for you you’ll know because the love will be amazing and just feel right worth fighting for.
A long term relationship needs to be continuously stimulated with excitement & nourished with care.”

“Love needs effort, time, compromise and sacrifice, so it’s never easy. But for as long as two ends are willing to work on it and continue making conscious decisions, it won’t seem hard at all.”

“If you truly love and respect your partner, things will be so much easier. Else it’ll be a struggle both at work and home.”

“Never easy. If you are genuinely committed to one person. It is never easy. It takes hard work to build a strong relationship/marriage.”

“Anything worth having is never easy.”

“I think all can be worked out as long you love and respect each other.”

“It takes hard work every day.”

“It is not always easy, but it should NEVER be painful.”

“Everything that comes easy is not worth it.”

“When it comes to relationship anything is possible whereby you both have to try hard to fight any negative issues that come between you both…that’s why it call relationship. You’ve got to work hard for it, girl.”